Hell’s Angels and the Beat Counterculture

The Hells Angels contributed to Boho Chic. Women can wear boots, chains, dead animals, and look like barbarians.

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Hell's Angels Ride the Streets



In 1967, I attended the first Human Be-in with my childhood friend, Nancy Van Brasch, who later became a Merry Prankster and good friend of the Kesey family. The Hell’s Angels guarded the sound equipment offstage.

The Beat Poet, Michael McClure, was a good friend of the famous Hell’s Angel, Freewheelin Frank, and did a biography about him.

Putin was the head of the KGB, Russia’s Top Cop. Putin busted and jailed a lot of folks who did not want to go along with the program. His Anti-Outlaw biker gang, the Night Wolves, are busting heads in the Crimea, they sent there to make non-conformists tow the line. These fake outlaws are cops, out to bust the counter-culture wherever they find it.

I would say every Angel in the Bay Area took LSD more than once. Putin is too chicken-shit to drop, as are his wolves.

What I recall about…

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