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Last night I discovered the opening shot of the trillion dollar war against members of a Pagan Cult that led to the imprisoning of mullions, many of them white hippies, beats, and Bohemians. This war began when Alemeda District Attroney, Earl Warrne instructed Oakland Cops to raid a house on Forest Street. As fate would have it, this house is around the corner from a duplex on Claremont where I saw members of the Brotherhood of Eternal prepare a suitcase of LSD for tripsters in England. I heard a rumor the Beatles were customers.  Earl Warren, Ed Meese, Frank Coakley, and Ronald Reagan, conducted a modern day Witch Hunt against Paganism. This was not a war against drugs. This is a Conservative Christian Crusade that the Religious-right has been conducting since 1927. And who is King Ben of the House of David? Is this what Dan Brown was eluding to?

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