Elijah’s Cup and Chair

Having a seat reserved at Ray Gall’s table was important.

Rosamond Press


ISIS employs Jesus in their End Time prophecy, but I say the Jesus depicted in the New Testament is false. John the Baptist was not born to – point to Jesus and declare he has the right stuff. John and his disciple continued to spread their message all over the world, to Jews in the Diaspora. John was the Good Shepherd. Was there a End Time prophecy in his message?

Mark Gall’s mother took a liking to me the moment we met. I would take her to synagogue. I would dine once a month at her table at the retirement. She prepared a place for me.

I contend there was a Moabite Go-el Redeemer who was called Jesus, because this name means ‘Savior’. He read the Book of Ruth on the Mount of Olives, then dined as the Spirit of Elijah. Was Jesus a disciple of John who was elected…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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