The Watch Tower on Rose Mountain Yesterday Ed told me his granddaughter is named Dove, which is the meaning of Jonah.

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No sooner do I post my last message, then I learn Broomfield was killed by ISIS. My hand is being forced. I bring The Sword and Hand of God to Mount Mizpah which means ‘Watch Tower’. Here Samuel erected a stone altar and sacrificed a lamb as did Manoah the father of Sampson. Both prophets were born ‘Nazarites For Life’ as was John the Baptist. When John was eight days old his father, Zachariah, and the priests that served in the Holy of Holies, took the newborn there to inquire of the Lord what his name will be. No words can be spoken in the Holy of Holy where rest the Ark of the Covenant, so these priests made HAND SIGNS to one another. I suspect Moses employed semaphore to signal to the army of the Lord, by putting a burning coal in the mouth of the Nehushtan..

Why is no one, not…

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