The Madoc Exodus to America

I did not know about Judie Rowe until three days ago, after I posted this.

Rosamond Press


by Unknown artist, oil on panel, circa 1620 by Unknown artist, oil on panel, circa 1620

Never in my wildest dreams did I see my spiritual path leading me into the heart of Mormon Prophecy, and even becoming a Mormon Prophet, because I went out of my way to avoid them, and all they believe in. Indeed, I did not know what they believe until a friend filled me in the last week – after I stumbled upon Madoc – in my blind love for my muse who beckons me to Bozeman, and The Cliff of My Doom!

After I received a call from Deputy Sheriff, Dan, in regards to the letter I wrote Rena Easton, I had a dream. There were men in her home that may have been extreme right-wing Christians. They adopted Rena – her genetic material. She is of beautiful Nordic stock. I have compared her to the Shield Maidens of Frya. My ex-wife…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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