Coloring Outside The Lines


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Amy called me and asked if I had shot some video of the new group that got together at Nisha’s fundraiser held at Café Perugino. I asked her what the name of the band was, and she said;

“Coloring Outside The Lines’.”

Fumi Funihashi- piano
Hamilton Mays – bass
Kerri Vandenberg – drums
Suzanne Scieretta – tenor sax & flute
Nisha Calkins – cello
Amy Lokach – vocals

Here is the chalk festival theme again that led me to augur lines at the Ken Kesey mural.

About ten years ago I went with Marilyn Reed to see Tenzin, a Buddhist monk that was speaking at Oveissi, an oriental carpet store. In back of him was a deep red carpet. As he spoke I saw two arms come out of the carpet holding a round translusive stone. I told Tenzin about my vision. I suggested he had been elected. Years later, I am chanting in a room constructed inside this carpet store, and, then Tenzin is off to Tibet to take part in an important election.

When I saw this carpet on the wall, I asked Kaz, the owner if it was the same carpet that appear behind Tenzin. He said it was.  I then began to use it as a stage for the hands of my dear friends. This morning I googled the hands of Buddha and find out there is a method to my sublime Intuition, that goes beyond ownership, and connects us to a Great Muse who is handing out Certificates of Authenticity.

What I suggested is, that Tenzin gave a message long ago, but, it did not go anywhere, did not fade away, or float down a river of some sort. It remained suspended in time, shelved in a Cosmic Library that can be accessed by one who knows how. Am I a Cosmic Librarian put in charge of ‘The Gideon Computer’ ?

I was given another name for this new band, on the spot. To have Amy give me another name that describes this Line Revelation, is what Robert Anton Wilson describes as ‘The Cosmic Trigger’. This post is under construction. Come back when I have more info.

Jon Presco ‘Master Augur’

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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