Sinclair War of the Roses

I have been following these chalk lines like a red thread.

Rosamond Press




ork3Steve Sinclair would not have attacked me and worked hard to get my opinions off the search engines IF I had thrown my “Rose Line” in with his “Roslin” that means “Red head”. Steve sits high up in his rosy tower and gleans the net of roses that are not attached to his surname. He types these two names into google every morning upon awaking


When he sees a rose line that does not mention Roslyn Chapel, but does mentions the Knight Templars, he launches his flying Gnostic Apes to destroy the opposition.

I know Scottish people with red hair. In 1996 I copyrighted all notions that the “Rose Line” pointed to family of folks with Rose Names, and ignored the Meridian Line implications – because it was a dead end. I did so because folks who were authoring books about the Holy Grail – four years…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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