St. Stephen and Rosemary

My mother was born a Libra and named Rosemary Rosamond. One would think she would be an archetypal Venus. She was – for this age! So hold on to your hat!

Rosamond Press

Capturebb2flax8CaptureB7CaptureB31CaptureB40Capturesant8grateful3grateful4grateful22Yesterday I found this blog about the song ‘Rosemary’ by the Grateful Dead. It reads like this blog. I am amazed. In the video of my meeting of Belle Burch a Deadhead is singing ‘Saint Stephen’ who comes and goes in a garden. Rosemary is a song about a secret garden. Roses and the Dead go hand in hand. When I revealed Belle’s identity as a anarchist, her friends wanted to stone me. Now, they are part of Grateful Dead lore. At the end of my video I tell Belle there is a family legend around the name ‘Rosamond’. My mother was born Rosemary Rosamond.

My childhood friend, Nancy Hamren, dated Stanely Augustus Owsley who made the sound system for the Dead. I met Owsley on several occasions when he came over to our house.  We saw the Dead at the Fillmore in 1966. When they played at Autzen stadium with Dylan in…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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