Destroying Republican Party


For fifteen years this blog has been saying the Republican Party is being destroyed. Did I use Augury to deduce this? Am I insane? No! I just stuck my neck out and said this was coming.

The showdown between Trump and Uncle Samaclaus has arrived. In theory I have way more money than Trump, and love to give it away because I am a Socialist like Bernie Sanders whom I am now working to put in the White House.

Like many rich people, Trump brags about people wanting him to give him some of his money. Many stupid and poor people believe Trump will give them some money if they vote for him. Instead, Trump will build a trillion dollar wall in order to keep poor people from coming to America and getting some of Uncle Samaclause’s goodness. The Republican party under George Bush spent two trillion dollars forcing ARMED FOREIGN Iraqis to accept “God’s gift of Liberty” they didn’t want, giving rise to ISIS. America spent trillions on the Cold War and the Armed War on Drugs. Trillions were spent on guns and cannons. I am wearing a flag of the defunct Soviet Union that fell due to alcoholism. I have twenty-eight years of sobriety and drink Diet Coke.

Above is a pic of me at the second OCCUPY Eugene meeting where I told folks to get behind all Government Giveaway Programs because bankers hate these things. Instead, they got behind, and became, homeless people living in tents, which was the biggest waste of a grassroots movement in the history of such a thing. Working and Voting People could not relate. They threw away money at the problem that did not improve, but got worse!

I wanted them to occupy the Post Office that Peter DeFazio is trying to save from being privatized. It is a Socialist institution founded upon the need for democratic radicals to send each other radical letters and newspapers – so the Revolution will never die, never be corrupted. The Constitution says roads should be made by the government – to the post offices! This is the first world wide web that the Faux Republicans want Staples to run – in order to balance the budget?

Uncle Samaclaus was born the day the Postal Clause came to be.

Here come Bernie Sanders – who looks like Uncle Samaclaus! Hmmmmm! If he let his beard grow. Did this Master Augur foretell the coming of Uncle Bernieclaus?


Bernie is not being covered by the media because it is owned by rich fat cats. Yesterday I attended a Coffee With Bernie Folks event. Perhaps we can have a Bag Lunch on the Post Office Steps event where we send letters to other Bernie Folks at other post offices. A Mail In. I see us gathering around old pot belly stoves listening to Radio Free Bernie.

Trump is jealous of Uncle Samaclaus and the idea The People own anything.

“I should own the Post Office. I could run it much better than those bimbos.. I would make sure Kelly’s letters get delivered – in the sewer! She hates me, you know. I got more money than her – and Fox!”

Being a selfish bully is not the American Way! Build the roads, and they will come!

Jon Presco



Mama Bear says; “If you vote for Bernie I will rip your guts out and feed them to my Redneck Cubs! Have a Merry Christmas – or else!”

“Without a doubt, my kindred, Jessie Benton Fremont, and John Fremont, want their history to be championed – by anyone – due to the take-over the Republican party they co-founded! No two people would be happier, than to see the election of a black president. To see their old enemies go after this president with such guile and deceit, causes them to roll over in their grave. The Tea Party Traitors HATE the history of the Republican Party – more than they do President Obama!”

“Just in time for tax day, Senator Bernie Sanders has figured out how President Obama can close massive tax loopholes with a few strokes of a pen, and he needs our help.

In a recent letter to President Obama, Senator Sanders outlined six loopholes that massive corporations, hedge fund managers, and the worst of the 1% use to dodge taxes and avoid paying us back for providing roads, courts, and an educated workforce.1

Closing all six loopholes would raise more than $100 billion that could be invested in America – and best of all, the President can do it all without Congress.

Tell President Obama: End tax giveaways to the 1%.

The list of loopholes that the worst of the 1% use to avoid taxes reads like a “how-to” guide for multimillionaire hedge fund managers and multinational corporations trying to rip off a nation:

  • The “check-the-box” loophole. Simply by checking one box, companies can claim that an entity it owns should be ignored by the IRS for tax purposes. By giving different stories to different governments, they can transfer profits between subsidiaries tax free. Closing this loophole would raise up to $78 billion over the next decade.2

  • The “Hewlett-Packard” loophole. Companies are supposed to pay taxes when they bring offshore profits back to America. But if their offshore subsidiaries only provide a short-term “loan” to the onshore parent company, they can dodge the law. At one point, Hewlett-Packard was found to be “borrowing” billions, tax-free.3

  • The “Real Estate Investment Trust” loophole. Real estate investment trusts are like mutual funds for real estate, and they don’t pay corporate income tax. But all sorts of companies, from private prisons to casinos, now claim to be real estate investment trusts in order to dodge taxes.4

  • The “carried interest” loophole. Wealthy investors pay hedge fund managers billions to manage their money. But this loophole allows those fund managers to pretend that their income is actually a capital gain from selling investments – and capital gains are taxed at a far lower rate. Closing this loophole would raise up to $18 billion.5

  • The “earnings stripping” loophole. CREDO members have fiercely fought corporate inversions, where big U.S. companies merge with a smaller foreign company to avoid paying taxes. The Treasury Department has already cracked down on one tax dodge related to inversions, and closing the other, the “earnings stripping” loophole, could raise up to $13 billion over the next decade.6

  • The “valuation discount” loophole. If wealthy parents put a restriction on selling a company before transferring it to their children, it is considered less valuable and so they pay less in taxes – even if that restriction is then removed or ignored. The IRS could overlook these meaningless restrictions and raise up to $18 billion over the next decade.7

Tell President Obama: End tax giveaways to the 1%.

The Internal Revenue Service created the first three loopholes by accident, with administrative rulings that had unintended consequences – and President Obama could easily order the IRS to fix its mistake. The other three could be closed if the Treasury Department used its existing authority to call hedge fund managers “service providers” and issued new rules under the tax code.8

The Obama administration has likely held off on making these changes in order to meet Republican demands that any new investments be “paid for” by closing a loophole. But with a new, right-wing Congress adamantly opposed to any new spending or tax increases, the time for bargaining chips is over. President Obama needs to know that if he takes a bold stand in favor of tax fairness, Americans will stand with him.

Tell President Obama: End tax giveaways to the 1%.

Thank you for speaking out,

  1. Sanders Asks Obama to Close Six Egregious Corporate Tax Loopholes,”, March 3, 2015.
  2. Potential Executive Actions to Close Tax Loopholes,”, Retrieved April 6, 2015.


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    My enemies and ex-friends are saying I am insane, and thus they do not want to be associated with me in any manner. I saw the end of party founded by my kindred when no one else did.

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