Seeing Double

Judy Nelson was a Beauty Queen when she was taken hostage by a famous tennis star, and used as her slave. Judy’s plight inspired the title of my autobiography ‘Capturing Beauty’. Christine never painted a frog. This is fraud! Rosamond fought a famous court battle to keep her beautiful women off the crap Pierrot now says she is going to put it on. I continue my late sister’s struggle. Most of the real history in this blog, was unknown to Mark and Vicki Presco – who hated our sister! They were jealous of her success and all the attention she was getting from our alcoholic parents. With¬†Rosamond and I out of they way, the family artists, then they are free to go¬†after the money! Just the money. This was their revenge. To turn our gifts into cold hard cash so they can buy silly things to engorge their dark vanity, is evil. They turned Beauty into a Ugly Frog. This is what horse-faced Martina did to Judy. She enjoyed seeing her down on her hands and knees sweeping the soot from the hearth – in a maid’s outfit! Vicki, Mark, and Pierrot, had Dead Christine working around the cock – for them!

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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