Bella’s Necklace



Artists, Musicians, and Writers are forever being inspired by our Muses, and the Muse of other Creative People. This is why we are bid to share our Muse. They use us to inspire others. They are – unselfish messengers!

However, Bella would not allow me to take her photograph, also. Why? She said it was her religion, but, I was not buying. I did manage to capture a pic of the necklace I gave her, that I won by popping a balloon with a dart. Throwing darts in the Whiteaker was a huge step in me overcoming my fear: for angry people have been throwing darts – at me!

Then, I saw Rena in Robin. Boy am I living dangerously, because in a long letter to my muse I had not heard from since 1971 I told her her spirit is with me ever since I began the painting of her, four years ago. It is unfinished, because it freaked me out. Rena was seventeen, again. She went to the mall with me, and we took in a movie. She even got in bed with me – just to hold me – and I jumped out of bed! She was naked – and had wings. I told Marilyn I was afraid she was dead. Then on Christmas Day she wrote me a long letter.

Here is Bella’s necklace. There is a naked fairy on it – with wings!

darts4Dart2 darts3darts5

After learning Bella’s name, I was in a trance. Everything was lining up. I told her I was stood-up. I do not recalled what I said to inspire Bella to tell me;

“I’m head-injured.”

“What?” I asked in disbelief.

“My ability to remember is impaired.”

I gave Bella a long deep look and told her about Virginia, and our first and last attempt to break up. Because she could not recall we broke up, and after she asked who’s fault it was, I told her it was all my fault.

Bella told me her injury was difficult for her lover to grasp. What I told her, made her cry. She released a torrent of tears. We hugged each other. I gave her the necklace I won, so she could perhaps recall meeting me? What she said to me when we parted company, will bring my book ‘Capturing Beauty’, to a close.

I gave Bella my card and she gave me her number and e-mail. I will send this post to her.

“All’s well, that ends well.”


About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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