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The art director for the movie ‘Inherent Vice’ works with the mural of Gaspar de Portola in Pynchon’s book. I suspect Tom is paying homage to our ex-wife, Mary Ann Tharaldsen, who is an artist in the same family tree as the Benton muralist, who are kin to ‘The Trailblazer’ John Fremont. Above is a mural in my local post office where I got my pass port. These doors are entrances to another dimension that art directors are hired to locate. I thought about being a art director so I could be someone, and thus not make folks around me, nervous with my unlimited imagination and talent in many fields. Calling me insane allows folks to come in my being, and take all they can!

My late brother-in-law was the muralist to the Stars. He was married to the actress, Harlee McBride, and acted himself.

At the top is a photo…

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