Deeds! Not Debts

I published this four days before I met Belle Burch at First Friday Art Walk. I had gone there to find someone to help, a student. I had seen a news item about these cottages that were going to be torn down. The mailman pointed out the cottage Ken Kesey lived in where he go his idea for ‘One Flew Over the Coo-Coos Nest’. Then he told me about Fairmont. Fair is another world for Beautiful. Sleeping Belle is named Rosamond. When Belle told me her name I believed I had found my HELPER. The loss of Cvic Stadium is now a part of my quest. Those who obstructed me – will make the history books. I ran this history past the planners of FOE. Nine fellow planners looked at it and not one gave a thumbs up, or comment. FOE is soliciting money from citizens of Lane County as I type. I am going to make a list of demands and take it to City Hall. We need a CONTRACT with FOE.

Rosamond Press

Fairmount2 019

Fairmount2 021

Fairmount2 028

Fairmount2 044
For two weeks I have been taking on the housing system and have talked with Eugene City Manager, Jon Reus, about plans for the University of Oregon to tear down houses in a historic neighborhood. I will meet with a agent for a large real estate company about Homeless Vets and a way to get poor folks into homes. This includes Students.

Colleges and Banks work together to Front-run your children’s dreams. They pool young folks together with the promise of a education, a good job, and a nice home. Then the money lender swoop in and put them in debt for life! We have to turn this around. Get our children in their own home – and then they go to college with a reverse loan!

You don’t have to fatten up the bankers to send your kids to college. Just send them to me! I will give…

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