Fair Rosamond Kin To Sinclairs and Rollo

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King Henry may have married Fair Rosamond because she is kin to Rollo who made a blood-pact with the King of Franks, and Henry claimed much of France. Henry had real contacts with the Knight Templars. Not so the Sinclairs – except through Rosamond Clifford!

I authored the following in 2007

Jon Presco

Robert de Ros and the Rosa Mundi

Six years ago I read ‘Fair Rosamond, a Study of the Development of a
Literary Theme’ by Virgil B. Heltzel. Heltzel touches upon some of
the hundred or more poems, plays, and legends that orbit around Fair
Rosamund the Rosa Mundi, the “Rose of the World”

The world is an orb. Consider the riddle Dan Brown gives in regards
to the Temple Church where the effigy of Robert de Ros is found. In
chapters 83, 85 and 86, Robert Langdon, Sophie Neveau and Leigh
Teabing arrive at the Temple Church…

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