Princess Carie Fisher

Trinity Rose James is a Star in my book.

Rosamond Press

Carie Fisher was anointed to author the story of Princess Christine Rosamond because they both suffered from mental illness. Stacey Pierrot’s ghost writer threatened me with a gaggle of attorneys, told me they would play hard ball with me if I did not sign the exclusive rights contract he sent me that would have forbid me to write and publish anything about my late sister. Tom Snyder was not a trained psychologist as he claimed, but, pretends he is a champion of the mentally ill, especially if they were famous, and he and other stand to make a pretty penny. Poor mentally ill folks will be put out in the cold, or, thrown under the bus. My daughter is very forgiving of her famous aunts mental illness for the reasons she ended up with about $100,000 dollars of her prints. They never met.

Pierrot and Snyder knew nothing about the…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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