Concieved on Yom Kippur

Every Jewish male born is a candidate for the SECOND COMING of
Elijah. For this reason the eight day old child is circumcised
in `Elijah’s Chair’. It was believed that while in the womb an angel
teaches the unborn child the Torah, and just before birth, the angel
touches the child’s lips with his forefinger, and the child forgets
all knowledge of the Torah. But, this would not be the case with the
return of Elijah who will emerge from his mother’s womb with perfect understanding of the Torah, not only in its written form, but in the spoken form known as the Talmud

Rosamond Press

There are many papers on the web that question when Jesus and John were concieved and born. Yom Kippur is key in this inquiry. Some say John the Baptist was concieved a few days after the Day of Atonement. I was concieved a few days after this day, on October 8, 1946, at sundown. After sunset, an amazing star shower could be seen. Surely the Persian Magi knew of the Dracnoid star shower, and the Day of Atonement.

What is God doing? What is his motive in having John KNOW THE WORD while in his mother’s womb, thus, HE KNOWS LIFE BEFORE BIRTH! If there is life before birth, then there is life after death? Who on earth has ever asked this question? Surely the Pope’s priests cite these paasages when they make holy laws against abortion? Then – maybe not!

Did not my father claim I was a bastard?…

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