Saybrook and Old Lyme

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lyme7I called the Saybrook Historical Society this morning. They have an illustration of the home of the seven Hart sisters on the site cover. There was an art colony in Old Lyme which explains why Clark Hambley moved there. The American Impressionists flocked to the town where young men courted the most beautiful young women in America.

Virginia owns an oil painting her father did of an old boat yard in Lyme. We had talked about getting married, and having children when we first met. We did not understand that we were Blue Bloods – of ‘The Blood’! If you believe in the Bible, then you have to believe God has ordained the union of certain people for a divine reason. Most Republicans believe God ordained certain men to come to America and found a new Nation. Most of these men got married and sired children who would do great…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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