Sarah Hart Got Divorced

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“All hope for saving their marriage ended when Sarah decided to become a Roman Catholic.”

While living in Italy, Sarah Hart, became a Roman Catholic. She chose what religion she wanted to follow. It was a Free Country. The right-wing sob over the lie that folks who are not one of them are taking away their Freedom of Religion. Sarah’s divorce attorney was the grandson of a Signer of the Constitution who defended slaves. Sarah must be the Sarah buried in her sister Jannette’s Catholic grave yard. It would be wonderful to see if a black slave is there as well, for here are American Women who were Abolitionists and promoters of a Woman’s Right to choose her Faith. A DNA test is called for.
Sarah and Jannette would want it.

Sarah Hart became a Liberated Woman before she divorced her husband who believed it was his calling to spread…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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