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lynch13lynch14lynch15EDITOR’S NOTE: Keep in mind there exist a 276 page autobiography that Christine Rosamond wrote, that has been closeted – disappeared! Any movie based upon Christine’s words would belong to my two nieces. Outsiders did not want my nieces, or myself, to author a biography for the same reason because they would get no profits. They were not in Christine’s Will.  Consider what Walter Keane did to Margaret Keane in the movie ‘Big Eyes’.

My niece, Shannon, was twenty-eight when her mother drowned. She claims she was adopted by Garth Benton, and, she changed her middle name to Rosamond. She was the adult named Heir. Drew Benton, was nine when her mother and her supposedly went tide-pooling in a very dangerous place – at high tide!

In an ideal world, Christine and I would have made amends as brother and sister in AA. There would have been, trust, where…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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