Sceaf Ambrosius

I promised my grandson, Tyler Hunt, I will produce for him the Grail.

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scan0007When all is said is done, I am probably over-qualified to be a father and a grandfather. Funny, critics of The Da Vinci Code say the same thing about Jesus. Small world.

Before my daughter came into my life I started collecting children’s books. I owned a old copy of Alice in Wonderland. I had become a master genealogists, and it grieved me to know I was too old to sire a child who would carry on my lineage that I had come to believe was made up of three roses, the name Braskewitz-Prescowitz meaning Abrosius, or, Ambrose.

I used the image of the cherub in the cote of arms for Ambrose to make the Presco cote of arms. I also employed the Midleton-Brodrick cote of arms, because Broderick is a family name.

In 1999, I put God-el within on his Manorah Tree. Note the crescent moon ad star that…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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