My Avatar – Elfine

I 1986, my friend Mohammed raped my friend Lesley and she moved out of our hotel in the middle of the night. I confronted Mo, and considered killing him. He had been a bodyguard for the Shah of Iran and saw himself as my bodyguard. This is the core reason I got sober. We were Jonathan and Elfine in the Enidu Tree.

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Avat3In 1986 I decided to become a writer and began ‘Elfine’. Elfine was born on a planet of cat-like humanoids, and was sired by Ivan who descends from famous Vikings. He is a Russian diplomat who travels to Felinia, the planet of felines. On his second trip, he brings his daughter back with him. I did not know then that Ivan means, John. Elfine falls in love with Jonathan, a young friend of Ivan. There is a great tree under a dome on a large ship that heads off to a new planet.

When I saw the movie Avatar, I beheld Elfine. I did not own a typewriter, and it is handwritten. I have so much to do. I do not need anymore hurdles put in my way. Maybe I am a Genius? I am a Seer – for sure!

Drew does cats and alien creatures.

In the border is…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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