Fair Rosamond – A Literary Theme

The father of our author was Geoffroy de la Tour, spoken of at the beginning of the fourteenth century as lord of La Tour-Landry, Bourmont, La Galonière Loroux-Bottereau, and Cornouaille, and who, under the banner of the Count of Anjou in 1336, distinguished himself by his courage in the war with the English.”

Below is Albrecht Dürer’s painting of a Knight coming home from the Crusades. Did he find the Holy Grail? Is it only when we find our way home again, do we find what was lost?

Albrecht Dürer did the illustrations for Landry’s work. I am this Knight Le Rouge. I did not forsake my Quest even though most of my friends and all my family, forsake me. I had a vision. I stuck to it. I am the Author of this Red Opera.

Rosamond Press

In 1997 I read ‘Fair Rosamond a study of the development of a literary theme’
by Virgil B. Heltzel.

This book listed around 160 poems, novels, novelettes, and plays where Rosamond Clifford ‘Rose of the World’ is the subject. In the Templar groups I was evicted from, I claimed I was only studying my family genealogy – our rosy theme – and did not subscribe to the Sinclair claim, only that I had married Maryann Thoraldson, who was kin to Eric the Red and Leif Ericson, via from Thorvald Asvaldsson which my wife’s maiden names stems. I submitted this Literary Thema as evidence in Christine Rosamond Benton’s probate, that I was the one destined to carry on the search for our Rose Line Grail – that some say is a bloodline! Fair Rosamond descends from Vikings.

I angered folks because according to the themes of their study and books, I…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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