Off-Broadway Radicals

I fell hard for this dame. I was going to make her a Bhemian Star. My grandfather was not named after Victor Hugo for nothing, this story teller the alleged Master of the Priory de Sion that was pure fiction until I cam along. I became ‘The Host’ of a Hoax. The more I rejected it, the more it wanted me – my blood!

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“Dec 10, 2013 – Belle Burch, 23, shares her sentiments about needing a place to sleep during a rally for the…..”

So, Belle Burch had no problem telling the real new media what it feels to be homeless. Why wasn’t this, reporter, informed? Did she fear I would ask her to come sleep with me?

Before our, Bohemian session, I begged Belle to allow me to turn on my camera, set it down, and record us, because;

“This is a historic meeting between muse and artist that needs to be put on record without extrapolations.”

But for the fact Belle concealed her true identity, it was an amazingly beautiful experience! One of the crucial subjects we HAD to tackle was our age difference. Was I a Dirty Old Man? If I was a young Bohemian Radical under thirty, there would be question I would want to get in her pants…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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