Mary Magdalene Marries Pynchon & Presco

This is what Noodles is talking about. The Triple Cookie Cream of the Priory de Sion.

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A life-size statue of William the Silent of Orange stands guard at the entrance of the House of the Swan Brothers. Some Members of this Miriam Cult have genealogical ties to Counts of Taxandria, a province near Den Bosch, that was ruling-home to the Merovingians who many authors claim descend from Jesus and Mary Magdalene. I do not concur.

The Rosemondt family owned Wolfswinkle House. Our cote of arms is included in the Taxandrian group of counts that ruled Holland. Consider Pynchon’s post horn taken from Thurn and Taxis. In Taxandrians you find Taxis. Did Pynchon read an article in the encyclopedia that inspired ‘The Crying of Lot 49’ in 1966? How odd that his wife’s third husband would be kin to these Dutch rulers. What we are looking at is the Horn of the House of Orange being a Holy Grail.

I belonged to a several yahoogroups that Dan…

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