Fake Bear Flag Revolt

With the discovery my kin, Commodore Joseph Hull, led the naval force that captured Mexico’s navy, my pretentious claims to the state I was born, and the Louisiana Territory, is not without merit. Add to this the Grail Legends of the Bourmont family, then we have a fancifal drama Steven Spielberg might have an interest in, a hidden reality that exist just below the surface like table water that is being drawn upon to save California Growers from a terrible drought. Camelot is……dying~

Rosamond Press

My kindred, John Fremont, led a force that illegally took California from the sovereign nation of Mexico. It is a lie Fremont, and his father-in-law, were not aware a U.S. Naval force was prepared to take Monterey as soon as Fremont’s troops were on the move.

As King of California, I am prepared to reverse this egregious land-grab as soon as my claim to the Oregon Territory is recognized by the Mexican Government.

I suggest Mexico keep the Bear Flag in honor of our alliance with Russia and the coming Russian Monarchy.

Below is a cartoon that depicts Fremont’s new found Republican party as the party of nuts and radicals who do not want to obey anyone’s law of the land – anywhere! I regret these, thieves, have blood ties with my and my fiancés family, and in their name, I am prepared to right a great wrong.

J.G. Presco

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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