Creating New France Will Destroy Republican Anarchists

“We the undersigned, demand that the United States government honor Article VI of the U.S. Constitution, immediately recognize the existence of the L/D/Nakota (misnomer Sioux) Indigenous Red Nation and their legitimate rights to nationhood, admit the fact that a so-called Louisiana Purchase is a fraudulent land transaction (France did not own L/D/Nakota Territories), and abide by and respect the supreme law 1851 Treaty of Fort Laramie. “

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Proposal 019Virginia Hambley de Bourmont’s great, great grandfather, Louis Auguste Joseph De Ghaisne Comte De Bourmont, rekindled the Colonial ambitions of the French Crown when he took Algeria.

A group of Sioux leaders is passing a petition claiming the Dakotas were not part of Louisiana, a French Colony established by the House of Bourbon, and thus null and voids the sale of Louisiana to the United States. As acting Regent of the Bourbon Kingdom of New France in America, I will honor this claim and grant the Dakotas to the Sioux people so that they may establish a sovereign nation.

Here is why the President of the United States should sell the former Louisiana Territory to me and my fiancé for $1:

1. It would reopen the U.S. Government and end the debt ceiling crisis by eliminating Republican Congressmen from the states of Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, and Nebraska, as…

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