Dundon Brother Transference

Vicki 1972 Jim & Shamus Christine 1970 & Michael Dundon

Michael Dundon had to have Christine when he first lay eyes on her. There was a light around her.  This is what he wanted. Michael’s brother Jim Dundon, was twenty-four when he married by younger sister, Vicki, when she was fourteen. He put her to work making leather goods, along with all her friends when they came to visit. When I visited Vicki, Jim had me design items to sell. He made money off my designs and never gave me a cent. Jim saw there were untapped gifts in family. There is not a spiritual bone in his body. He was a Vietnam Vet looking to do well for himself. Fuck this Hippie shit. Jim took LSD, smoked dope, and worshipped himself. He showed me a photo of him in Vietnam. He wore a t-shirt that read “Killer”. Being mentally ill, he disguised himself as a hippie.

Michael invited Christine and I to live with his mother in Rhode Island and make leather goods. Rose was not happy we were there. Michael went into a deep depression, and kept my sister and niece from me. He had tried to kill himself at my father’s house. He locked my sister up in the living room. He began to turn Christine against me, blame me for all her shortcomings. He encouraged her to become a artist, too, so Christine would support him. He bought her art supplies in 1972. She copied other people’s work out of art books. She entered a piece in the Westwood Art Fair, and Priscilla Presley bought it. This got the attention of Iran Cohen, who owned Ira Roberts Gallery on Lacienga. He signed Christine to a contract where she is to produce one painting a week for a year. He rejected the first ten pieces. Getting behind, Christine bought a projector, cut out a fashion photo, and broadcast it on to a empty canvas. She meant to fill in the whole canvas, but, Cohen came over and took it like it was.

“This is your style!”

Michael drove me out of hs mother’s house. I was homeless and headed to Boston. Christine would get raped and filmed by the couple who lived below Rose. I believe Shamus Dundon is responsible for Christine’s death after he took my nine year old niece fishing at Rocky Point.

I had to get this out so I can push the Dundons out of my creation, along with the surviving members of my family – WHO KNEW THE TRUTH – and became parasites, too.  Michael and Jim Dundon were like the blood-sucker, Walter Keane.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2015

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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