Blowing Away Their Credibility

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Christine and Vic Presco’s friend, Michele, told me it was a very windy day the morning Christine Rosamond Benton drowned. She lives in Pacific Grove and jogs on the beach every morning. To double check her memory, she asked her friend, the ex-chief of police, if he recalled the weather conditions. He too said it was windy as did one of the rescue people I talked to on the phone.  Why is this important?

Christine had lived on the coast for fifteen years. She knew a strong wind produced large waves. She has watched the news and heard many warnings to stay away from the sea if it was a blustery day. Christine saw what happened to those who did not exercise caution. Vicki Presco told the reporter for the Carmel Pinecone five other people were swept off the rocks that day due to “tidal action”. What does she mean?

Last night on the news I heard there was going to be exceptionally high tides on the pacific coast due to the moon and the sun aligning. There was a partial eclipse of the sun on March 26, 1994. A Spring Tide took place. It was exactly high tide when Christine took her nine year old daughter down to the most dangerous stretch of coast in California. Why would she put her child in danger was my first question!

“When the sun, moon, and Earth are in alignment (at the time of the new or full moon), the solar tide has an additive effect on the lunar tide, creating extra-high high tides, and very low, low tides—both commonly called spring tides.”

Above is a photo of Rocky Point with the restaurant in the forground. The house where Christine was staying is about two hundred yards beyond. The house in the photo may be the house. It is a famous house. You can see how steep it is. There are ice plants with rocks underneath. My nephew, Shamus Dundon said he was jogging on these rocks in order to stay warm because the wind was “blustery”. He kept changing his story. Why? is the question I have the right to ask.

When my good friend, Michael Harkins – a Private Investigator – suggested “murder” could not be counted out because of the lies. My family latched on to that as their defense. I had to be mentally ill, dellusional. The proof was all on me. I was isolated. My daughter took Vicki’s side. Heather and her mother accused me of being abusive. If they could have committed me to a mental hospital, they would have.

I was not trying to prove a case of murder. I still want to know what happened! Michael worked with William Lindhart who worked for Chessman, and was asked to contribute to Oliver Stone’s movie about his good friend, Jim Morrison. Thomas Pynchon is in my family tree.

Michael took me out to the Rosamond’s garage and showed me the projector Christine had set up there to crank out more images that were stacked to the ceiling. Here was THEIR MOTIVE. They believed these prints would triple in price, now that the ARTIST WAS DEAD! Rosamond’s success was waning, and she owed money to members of our family.  My uncle was good friends of Walter and Margaret Keane and had them to his house for dinner. Consider how Margaret was captured and held prisoner. Christine’s husband was not selling his art.

Marilyn Reed knows all about the attacks on my credibility. As my friend since High School, she should have told me about her and her daughter’s contact with Belle Burch, who with the help of her anarchists friends, have been doing much damage to my reputation. They deserve to be in my book, and my newspaper has a right to write about them.

My grandfather used to type with the author Erl Stanley Gardner at the Rosamond house in Ventura. Royal sailed to the Channel Islands with Dashiell Hammet where they camped with other Detective writers that wrote for the Black Mask. I bid the ghost of the authors to rise from their graves! I beseech Thomas Pynchon to help me solve the mystery of……

‘The Blustery Wind’

Jon Presco

Out of the Fog Part 7

bluster “to blow in violent and noisy gusts, as the wind.”

Webster’s Dictionary

Here is Shamus, Vicki’s son, saying he was cold because it was
blustery. This is March, and the overnight temperatures were going to be around 45 degrees. It is around 10:00 A.M. Consider the windchill factor. How was Christine dressed according to Tom Snyder? She is wearing a thin “tunic-style blouse topped by a short jacket in soft, muted brown leather-distinctly styled with two snaps at the waist. The sleeves are turned up, revealing the satin lining and a hint of forearm.”

“It is nearly impossible for Vicki to believe that the jacket she has retrieved from the iceplant is the same one Christine was wearing. The world become bleary as Vicki tries to grasp the fact that the ocean must have reached this far up on the slope. Unnoticed, Vicki’s hands snap and unsnap the fastenings at the waist.” page 5

This jacket can not be CLOSED as it has ONLY TWO SNAPS at the bottom. She was not wearing a sweater. Why isn’t she cold, in need to jog around and get warm like Shamus did? Was she wearing a hat? Christine was fastidious about her hair. If there was going to a party she would not want it to get wind-blown.

Mark refused to tell me who rented that house. The beach party
planned to be held in that house is omitted from the tale. We hear of it in the vague slip Pierrot made. Why aren’t we hearing testimony of friends and family who are coming to this BIRTHDAY party that will end in DEATH? Was Mark there on Friday night?

Why wasn’t this suede jacket ruined, it sitting by the ocean for a week, getting wet at each high tide as sea spray is thrown high into the air? I saw the jacket! It was in pristine shape!

Here are the words of Shamus Dundon sent to me in a e-mail.

“It was blustery. I only got hot after running around (jogging maybe) looking for lizards. I doubt she took off the jacket b4 she was taken by the wave.

There’s nothing fishy about 1 wave being right after another. Only one wave is believed to have taken her out . The fact a smaller one set her up for the big one is not suspicous by any means. You’ve been near the ocean….You usually see more than one wave do you not?

And no I don’t see what you are going though. Why is it so
impossible for a jacket to be washed up and not be trashed? And what significance does the jacket have? It isn’t oj’s glove…..IF there were a cover up for any reason(which there’s not), don’t you think MORE details would be provided instead of less?” (end of e-mail)

Well, “MORE” details have been added by Tom Snyder – and by Shamus himself when he says it was “blustery”. This is the key that unlocks
the truth, and lifts the fog that has shrouded the scene of my
sister’s death. It is Mr. Snyder who puts MORE testimony in
Christine’s mouth, and like so many before him, he has gone to great
lengths to remove the “blustery” wind! Now, let us put back the

“Of course adventures rarely go as planned. The properties main
gate is unexpectadly locked, so Christine goes in search of help.
She finds it in the neighbor, a attorney Donald Layne. Of imposing
size and intelligence, Layne is also blessed with a generous nature.
None of this is lost on 46-year-old Christine. At just over five-
five, she is a perennial fashion plate model and man-pleaser. Even
for this casual outing, she is wearing tailored tan slacks and a
white tunic-style blouse topped by a short jacket in soft, muted-
brown leather – distinctively sytyled with two snaps at the waist.
The sleeves were turned up, revealing the satin lining and a hint of
a forearm. A remote transmitter is finally located for the security
gate. Christine tells Layne that she and others are excited about
exploring a small cove to search for any treasures left by the sea.
Layne knows the shoreline well. That evening, he sounds a WARNING
note. “IF you go down to the ocean,” he tells Christine, “have a
care”. In the morning, under a windless sky……”

Note that Mr. Layne said “If” after he has been told they have come
to Rocky Point to explore a cove with sandy beach. How did they know
this cove existed? It appears to me they have rented this beach house
for the “beach party” Mr. Pierrot said she was going to attend, and
very possibly Layne held the keys to the house, and code for the
gate? I believe he did give a strong warning due to a fisherman being
washed from the same rocks the week before. On top of his warning
would come the warning from the strong wind that was blowing early
that morning. Remove the wind, and you remove the danger, as well as
the strong warning from Layne? Did he tell the party of four
about the fisherman’s fate the previous weekend? If so, why did
Vicki suggest in the ‘Pinecone’ account that they go rent fishing
poles? Vic claims they had his poles.

Here is more on the jaqcket, from page 5.

“It is nearly impossible for Vicki to believe that the jacket she has
retrieved from the iceplant is the same one Christine was wearing.
The world become bleary as Vicki tries to grasp the fact that the
ocean must have reached this far up on the slope. Unnoticed, Vicki’s
hands snap and unsnap the fastenings at the waist.”
The Chronicle said the tide was high at 10:30 A.M. How can past
trips to Point Lobos tell you what the tide is today? Can’t
Christine see the tide is low? This statement is a lie, that gets my
sister on her way, down to the sea to keep her date with a rogue

In a e-mail last year, Shamus says it was “blustery”. This is all
very vital as Christine was terrified to get near the ocean of it
looked at all threatening. So the high tide and the “blustery” wind
are removed. But, here comes a lone rogue wave traveling thousands
of miles across the sea, and it is going to meet up with Christine
at the exact same time she sits with her back to the sea, and
predicts her own death. Imagine the timing of that!

“It is not quite ten-thirty in the morning and Vicki asks about the
tide. Christine says it is low, based on her frequent excursions to
Point Lobos with Drew. The ocean seems calm, ordinary.”

“Traveling thousands of miles across the Pacific, the mountain of
water offshore would appear at first only to be a heavy swell. But in
the moment that its base slams into the rock wall extending beyond
and well below rocky inlet, and enormous surge of water is driven
upward with terrible force. Rising above and curling forward over
the defending rock, as the space narrows, the rogue wave rips in
through the inlet as well, increasing in speed to ten, twenty,
perhaps thirty miles an hour.”

A rouge wave means a lone-wave, as in rouge elephant. In the Pinecone
account Vicki says another rogue wave came just after the first one,
and that was the one that made the rescue of Christine impossible.
Snyder backs her story up.

“Further up the bluff, Vicki is still on her feet, on the edge of
the swirling pool of seawater. Christine reaches the surface, and is
treading water as she gasp for air. Her eyes are wide, shocky, as she tries to grasp the situation. At the same time, Vicki notices that
Drew has reached the rocks. The water exhausts itself against the
slope, and is now rushing back at the same freight-train speed.
Christine is caught in the undertow of THE FIRST WAVE, as a SECOND
WAVE crashes in over her. Tons of water moving in opposite directions
whipsaw Christine before she is sluiced down a twelve foot drop into
the waiting sea.”

So, this “rogue wave” had a companion that followed the first rogue-wave thousand of miles across the Pacific? What are the odds of that?


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