How Was Christine Rosamond “Killed”?

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In the Pinecone article about how my late sister was “killed” reporter Susan Barton, says;

“This story is filled with irony. Rosamond was KILLED on her first sober birthday in Alcoholics Anonymous.”

When I met my sixteen year old daughter and her mother for the second time, I showed them this article. I told them I began a recovery autobiography in 1992. I now understand my daughter told her aunt, Linda Comstock, what my biography was going to be about, and she became very threatened because her and her husband were alcoholics.

Vicki Presco puts words in Christine’s mouth several times in this article, she even going so far as to say our sister knew what was coming, and tempted fate. Well, so did she and our niece, Drew Benton, who was right next to her mother. Why didn’t Christine tell Vicki to take Drew away from her, because, she is having a “premonition”?

Three weeks after Rosamond was “killed” I asked my father, Vic Presco, what Vicki and her son, Shamus Dundon got when they came over before driving to Rocky Point to be with Christine and Drew.

“Vicki stayed in the car while Shamus came in and got the key to the shed where I keep my fishing poles. He borrowed my fishing poles.”

“Christine suggested we go get lunch and rent some fishing poles.”

When I show Vic the Pinecone article, he looked very grave. He knew his daughter was a liar, and, something dreadful happened that did not make it in the newspaper. He bid me to investigate. It was obvious to us the poles were disappeared because this was a Fishing Accident. It was high tide when my kindred went down to that dangerous cove, to fish. There are no tide-pools there. If there were, you could only look in them at low tide. Christine did not go down to that cove with Shamus, Vicki, and Drew, because she did not know what their plans were, If she did, she would not have let Drew go down there, because, Christine had nightmares about a giant wave taking her life, and the life of her child.

In Rosamond’s painting ‘The Beach’, you see Christine has a grasp of Drew’s hand as they walk on the beach. When a giant wave took Drew into the water, Viki ran up to call 911 while Shamus looked on helpless. Christine ran down to the cove, waded in the water, grabbed Drew, handed her to Shamus, when another large was took my sister in. Her nightmare, had come true. There was nothing she could do to prevent her death, but watch helplessly as he nine year old daughter drowned, which is the option Vicki and Shamus took, they fearing for their lives. This is why Vicki lied, for her son, and for our niece who was told she and her cousin would be blamed for Christine’s death.

But, that was not the totality of the motive for lying. When Vicki called our mother to tell her the terrible news, Rosemary heard the truth. Being a cunning alcoholic, who fanned all the family feuds as the puppet master – who thinks she owns her children – she told her daughter to invent a lie because she was first name Executor, and, the second named Executor, Jacci Belford, was fired by Christine for embezzlement, according the Shannon Rosamond Benton, who was the adult Heir – who would have Vicki and Jacci, dismissed!

There had been talk about a movie promoted by outsiders who needed Vicki to be the Executor, so, she could drop out and nominate Garth Benton, who went through a vicious divorce. No doubt he wanted full custody of Drew.  Garth and Shannon fought each other to be the Executor. Vicki signed an affidavit against Shannon, after they set her up to be accused of stealing from the Estate. These monster’s “KILLED” my sister!

Linda Comstock heard my accusations from my sixteen year old daughter, and saw an opening for her protégé, her Junior Gold Digger, who cut me out of her life, and snuck off to see Vicki and Shamus for the first time. Linda counted on me being proved INSANE, or, just a LIAR, so her niece will be on my – her kindred’s good side – the ones that ended up with the prints, the money, the book, and the movie script!

Christine was not “killed by a rogue wave”. She downed after rescuing her daughter from the clutches of the many large waves that broke in that cove that day because it was very windy that morning. You could see these waves break from up in the house throwing a plume of water weighing tons high into the air. I believe Shamus convinced his mother and cousin it was safe to fish down there, while Christine got ready for her first sober birthday party. Rosemary told me there was going to be a party. In Snyder’s book, Pierrot aid she had flown home to attend this party. It is a twenty minute drive to town. If you have lunch, that’s another hour. If you go fishing, there’s three hours. Drew was swept into the ocean around 10:00 A.M. My Private Detective friend found a card from Christine’s hairdress stuck in the door. He had gone out there to do her hair – for the party!

Who was invited to that party? When would it start? It is hard to find that house in the dark. Did anyone else stay the night? How about nearby hotels and motels? Where was my brother Mark. Raphael told me she drove up for the funeral, with Rosemary? How many liars are there? How many people stayed in Christine’s house?

Three biographies have been oppressed, and disappeared!

“Christine was sure the tide was still going out.” says Vicki who served in the Navy. Vicki is right there, can’t she see the tide? It was a very high tide, a spring tide, that Vicki talks about in the “full moon” and other’s swept away, sea yarn she was elected to tell, by a gang of co-liars lurking in the background, who knew Vicki was a very good liar. Vicky says she and Drew had a long talk about events, and, they agree, thus, there is no need to talk to her. Shamus is disappeared several times in conflicting accounts.

What I had troubling figuring out is why wasn’t Shannon invited to the party? Vicki suggests Christine wanted to make amends with me thus, I was invited? Vicki said they had a hard time our niece who lived in Venice, but, Shannon told me Vicki knew were she lived, and, she was not homeless. We both were not at the meeting held in Christine’s house the day after she was “KILLED”.

I am certain my brother was there. I believe Mark led the Creditor’s Rebellion because Christine filed Bankruptcy. She owed Mark and Vicky money. How many friends was she in debt to? Who left Christine’s house for the party, and who saw the helicopter overhead?

Linda Comstock worked my minor daughter like a pro, like a whore, like a Gold Digger. With every drunken photo of my offspring she announces;

“I own your daughter and grandson. Your kindred will do anything for money. ANYTHING! Your daughter is a trained lair Mr. ‘The Truth Will Set You Free Man'”

Linda and Heather have no human feelings for me and my family. Like flies, they ay their maggots in our wounds. All my kindred……UN-BORN me! They did unto me, what they did unto Christine, they betrayed me in every conceivable way.

Cue the wicked laugh of the reigning Wicked Witch of the West. Heeeeere’s Rosemary’s twin;

Jon Presco

Copyright 2015

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    I told my sixteen year old daughter and her mother the accounts of Christine’s death were not true. I told them to stay away from my family, that they thought ended up with all the money, and could help Heather become a famous singer. They wanted to hear I was deluded and insane. They wanted to believe I was dangerous, and would hurt them – even though I was not at Rocky Point. If I was, Christine would still be alive.

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