Warhol Rips McClure’s Beard Off

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mcclure_beardmelinda333Andy Warhol did a movie from Michael McClure’s play ‘The Beard’ without the Beat Poets permission. Michael got the famous SF attorney, Melvin Belli to slap a injunction on Andy, thus the world famous artist’s movie has not been released to the public.

I felt Michael Harkins was censoring me when I merely mentioned he knew McClure and Jim Morrison. Michael met my mother for the first time when we attended Christine’s funeral. In 1962, Rosemary told her eldest children she was making porno movies and prostituting herself for the mob. In tears she said she wanted to tell us before Mark and I came upon one of her movies. We had seen one porno that Randy Silver found in his father’s closet. Did my mother fear her sons would behold some masked man going down on her?

The Beard employs Jean Harlow and Billy the Kid against their will…

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