The Spy In Wanda’s Mystery Basement

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Surveillance Photo of Richard Miller and Svetlana Ogorodnikov


bruc0002Above are photos of the famous Russian Spy, Svetlana Ogorodnikov with FBI Agent, Miller. Svetlana was also involved with another FBI agent, Chuck Latting. I took the photo of the photo of Bruce’s alleged wife hanging on the wall in Wanda’s basement where Bruce lived for around four months thanks to the generosity of Wanda Harkis who I considered my surrogate mother. For over twenty five years Wanda had me in her home to celebrate Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. The last time I had a holiday dinner with a member of my family was 1969.

Last night I had a dream about Wanda. Alas, I got to say goodbye. Due to the legal battle James and Michael Harkins began weeks after their mother’s death – that was wretched and disrespectful to her memory – there was no grieving period. It reminded me of what I first saw when I was…

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