Saint Francis and The Perfect Master

I am going to describe a world without religion, just God. I have seen this place, and God. Coming back, I alas have to conclude, nothing compares to the beauty I saw. There is no longer any use in trying.

Rosamond Press

mclur19mclur21mclures100048mclures100058mehermount5mclures10001In 1987 Marilyn bid me to get a reading at the Berkeley Psychic Institute when I was in the Bay Area. I agreed, but was highly skeptical. A young woman began the reading by saying this;

“You own your own creation – You Died!”

Last night CNN did a program on people who cheat death. Ten years ago I went to a Catholic priest and asked him to hear my confession so I can complete my first communion that was interrupted when a father called me a liar. I had been reading about Meher Baba’s contact with Saint Francis. My angel bid me to return to the church and help transform it. Yesterday Pope Francis made that major change by walking in the footsteps of Saint Francis, and scolding the hiearchy.

When I was eleven, Christine ten, and Vicki, six, my sisters told me they saw a blue angel in…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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