Our Blue Lady

Our religions are not working. They are producing extreme ugliness and selfishness.

Rosamond Press


Two weeks ago I found a book about my kindred Mary Dominica Wieneke who was the head of The Order of Saint Francis. When I read that Mary’s brother, Father John C. Wieneke, studied at Louvain College in Belgium, where he was ordained, I knew I had found from where the Blue Angel my sisters saw as children, had come. My Rosemond and Roover kindred were members of the Swan Brethren who worshiped ‘Our Lady’. When the Wieneke and Rosamond families were spliced together in the marriage of Mary Magdalene Wieneke, and Royal Rosamond a contact made on a spritual plane was made manifest in the marriage and sexual union of my grandparents. I believe Our Lady  wanted to be spritually adopted by the Sisters of the Order of Saint Francis in order to pave the way for the blessed Pope who took the name Francis.

Yesterday Pope Francis healed…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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