Death Warmed Over


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Mark Gall’s sister took the photo above. It is a portal to The Truth. The door says “OPEN”. On either side of the door are images of a sleeping woman. This is the image used for the cover of the worst biography ever written. Tom Snyder takes my program of recovery and applies it to a dead woman who drowned on her first sober birthday. Tom will complete Christine Rosamond’s twelve step program. He has no such program. Christine and I were brother and sister is Alcoholics Anonymous, and this is VERY KEY! It will get our story out of hell, a hell my daughter sealed close – with a kiss!

When I read this paragraph, I was on guard. When did Patrice and Snyder talk?

“Tom Snyder seems like a really nice guy also. It seems he is supportive of you and he definitely played an important part in connecting you with Heather and that is important and not to be ignored.”

Tom never met Christine or knew our family. He wrote a book about Highway 66. He is a hired ghost writer, hired by an ex-employee of my late sister, who rose to power after my surviving sister failed to serve as Rosamond’s named executor. Strange, that we read very little about Vicki’s intimate relationship with her sister. After this terrible book came out, via the Rosamond website, and not a major publisher, I asked my brother, the neo-Nazi, why he didn’t contribute to it.

“I couldn’t think of anything nice to say about Christine.”

Here I am, the surviving artist who Christine gave credit for much of her success, and, this women I rescued – along with her sons – is trying to run the show with the help of these pretenders. I’m surprised Patrice didn’t bring Randy DelPiano – back from the dead – so he can play some more. None of these people are artists. Mark wanted me to include parts of his misogynist essay in my book. Did Heather meet Mark at the opening? I had asked Mark to pay my expenses so I could be present, but he knew Pierrot and I did not get along, not like they got along, she kissing his Nazi ass from the day Rosamond was taken out by the Rogue Wave! The reception at the gallery after Rosamond’s funeral, and this, raising from the dead the Tragic Rose of the World, reminds me of Juliet of the Spirits.

Christine and I were family allies, and very close. You read nothing about us in this blog lest the parasites take it and use it. I was the perfect person to write Rosamond’s biography. Why is Patrice pushing for two books, and why is she in Snyder’s corner?  Patrice never met any member of my family. Shannon, the adult Heir, does not contribute. This is why Pierrot advertises for strangers to contribute, and her comes the Stage Mother who made costumes for her daughter. She dressed Heather up like her doll. This is key, because Christine used to sew her own clothes. I believe she made the dress for the sleeping woman, and takes an interest in the dresses she puts on other Rosamond Women. I am reminded of the masquerade number from Phantom of the Opera.

Above is a photo of Patrice’s Daughter dressed as the Fairy Godmother. Has she come to – raise the dead with her magic wand? With this wand the Starry Goddess Mother, blesses Tom Snyder’s dream, he after all bringing us together, he a Fairy Godfather, of sorts!

How in the hell can the rival biographer be “supportive” of me? This is right out of Big Eyes, where my family replaces me with a facsimile so only they can realized profits from the book – and the movie! I gave Patrice a call;

“Have you been having conversations with Tom Snyder? Has he called you?”

“We talked a couple of times, but, that’s all!”

“How did he get your number?”

“I think Vicki gave it to him. I don’t recall.”

“He’s not supportive of me. He threatened to get attorneys after me if I do not sign his and Pierrot’s contract. He got a interview with my aunt Lillian – after she agreed to contribute to my biography.”

Two years later my cattish aunt and I have made up, and she is telling me my daughter does not have the petite ass of the Rosamond Women.

“It’s rather……large!”

“How do you know that? Have you met my daughter?”

“No. Stacey sent me a picture of Heather.”

“How did Pierrot get a photo of my daughter?”

“She took it at the gallery.”


“A couple of years ago, when the gallery reopened.”

“Describe her.”

“Well she has dark brown hair, and…..”

“Dark brown hair! Are you sure?”


Heather told me she bleached her hair days before meeting me, at aunt Linda’s house in San Diago. I now conclude that Heather and Patrice went to the gallery opening on their way to visit evil aunt Linda. I suspect Team Lush had concluded it best they catch me with my pants down, I all  in a fluster as she stands before me, and says;

“Hi Daddy!”

“Don’t they look alike?” screeches the she-thing from the north!

They already sent Pierrot a e-mail, and Stacey said Greg Presco was Christine’s brother. Stacey asked if they knew Christine. They said they knew her brother. This is when they were invited to come to Carmel and talk to Snyder who would be at the gallery opening. This is when they exchanged phone numbers. This is were Tom pleads his case, being, I am mentally ill like my sister, and, thus, I was another crazy artist threatening to destroy the beautiful and creative estate.

“We must treat these mentally ill monsters with kid gloves. If it were not for us Blessed Caretakers, there would be no art in the world.”

If you read Snyder’s book, Christine is blamed for everything that went wrong. However, there is the matter of the 276 page autobiography Rosamond was working on, that has been disappeared. This is the crux of the plan to carry the Father & Daughter Miracle, forward, without me. Everything was now possible for the ungifted family members and the cunning outsiders, now that Christine was dead!

To un-born someone, is to murder someone.  Heather was going to replace me, because, I was too wretchedly abusive, destructive – and insane. This only need be hinted at in order to get others to believe, because, who would believe that Heather is such a ambitious monster? It had to be true, because it was such a tear-jerker, a sure thing. However, there is Tom’s story, his version of the truth. Why would Patrice even think of backing the rival story? Did Tom’s story contain a miracle of equal brilliance? Maybe Heather thinks people who believe in angels – are coo-coo!

There can only be one answer, Team Lush, wants Heather in Tom’s story, because it is close to being published. And, if I should get wise that I am part of a Long Con, before my book goes to press, then, Heather is on her way to Stardom, her name written in stone. She is in the bosom of the movers and shakers, and out of the clutches of that child abuser  and loser! When I discovered the other side of Belle Burch, I had to blog on her covertness.

When Mother & Daughter stood in from of the Rosamond gallery, Heather exclaims;

“Oh look, Mommy. There’s my reflection! I’m surrounded by beautiful Rosamond Women!”

“And so am I!” chimes the Stage Mother.

“Yeah. Right!”

Heather puts her hand on the brass doorknob, and a universe collapses!

Jon Presco

Copyright 2014

From: Stacey Pierrot
Reply-To: stacey@r¡­
To: jonpresco8@h¡­, vpresco
Subject: [Fwd: Patrice Hanson at Bancroft House in Sonoma]
Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2001 09:02:43 -0800

FRIENDS AND ADMIRERS OF ROSAMOND You¡¯ll be pleased to know that
Rosamond Publishing has commissioned the artist¡¯s biography: a
celebration of her life and legacy. We¡¯re working closely with the
author, Tom Snyder, to produce a handsome book dedicated to an
extraordinary life. Tom is a trained observer as well as
a storyteller intrigued by every turn in life¡¯s odyssey. If you have
any comments to share with Tom about your own response to Rosamond¡¯s
work, he¡¯d be happy to hear from you. His e-mail address is:

Forwarded Message
From: Bancrofthouse
Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2001 11:25:39 EST
Subject: Patrice Hanson at Bancroft House in Sonoma
To: info@r¡­

I wonder if you can help me. Back in 1983, I met a man in Oakland
named, I believe, Greg. He told me that Rosamond was his sister and
that is the only
thing I really know about him as a possible way of locating him. I
need to find him for a very important reason. If you happen to know
if Rosamond had a
brother by this name or any clues that I could follow to locate him,
I would appreciate it very much. Thank you for any help you can

Patrice Hanson


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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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