Mark Presco Assails Women and Parasites

I will not be going to the City Hall Council Meeting in fear Alley and Belle will start screeching “There’s the rape-artist!” as promised. The local news channels won’t hear me defend myself, because then these Chic-Nasis will go after them and boycott their channel. We only have 150,000 citizens and most of them are radicals.

Rosamond Press

For years I have compared Rush Limbaugh to my brother, Mark Presco, and wondered if they knew each other. My father and my brother, were neo-Nazis who considered most people ‘Parasites’ starting with members of their own family. When I was seven Victor Presco went on strike, stopped working because he was the only one that had a job. With a neo-Nazi and a racist, a little work goes a long way. They demand alot of bang fo their buck. Only when Rosemary agreed her two sons should got to work, did Vic go back to work.

At seven and eight years of age my brother and I went to work for Acme Produce. I wonder if the Spud King saw this documentary when he was a teenager, and knew what kind of family he wanted, and, who he wanted to be – another Hitler! Vic’s secretaries that worked in…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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