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I have come full circle. In 1987 I attended a three day gathering of Meher Baba followers in Portland. From all over the world they came. When I returned to Blue River Oregon, my kindred, Michael Dundon, handed me a new Bible. Within is found the genealogy of Jesus. Meher Baba claimed he was Jesus in a past life. Meher Baba is a real person who had real disciples.

Many people claim Pharamond descends from Jesus. Who carries the Davidic blood, his mother, or father? New research claims Pharamond was the grandson of Priarios de Toxandrie ‘the Parthian’. Meher Baba’s parents were Parthians and Zoroastrians.

Septimus Claudius Pharamondus Varasdates (Pharamond) married Argota ? (Cambri de Rosomoni) also known as Rosamond, of the tribe of Cimri, to form the Sicambrian Franks who were the kings of France.

“Origin of the Sicambrian Franks

It appears that the migratory people later identified as…

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