Thirteenth to San Sebastian

janke61William Broderick married Alice Stuttmeister, the daughter of  William Stuttmeister and Augusta Janke, and lived on 13th. Avenue and 31st. St. in the large Victorian seen above. The Prescos moved there in 1953 and lived in the top half of this beautiful house. I am going to take you on a tour of the Oakland the four Presco children had come to dearly love. Leaving here was a tragedy we never recovered from. These is a light, a bubble around our neighborhoods.

William Oltman Stuttmeister, born 1862. He married Augusta Janke June 1888. Alice L. Stuttmeister, born October 13, 1868 in San Francisco, CA; died February 13, 1953 in Roseville Community Hospital in Oakland, CA.  She married William Broderick October 02, 1897. He was born Abt. 1871 in Ohio.

Children of Alice Stuttmeister and William Broderick are:

Frederick William Broderick. Melba Charlotte Broderick.

Melba married Victor Hugo Presco and born one child, Victor William Presco who married Rosemary Rosamond who born:

Mark Presco. John Presco. Christine Presco. Victoria Presco

janke62 janke64 janke65 janke66

Two houses down on 13th. is the Beatnik house Bill Arnold and used to visit after school when we were thirteen.  There were crutches hanging in the large tree, and a grave marker under the branches. There was a Beat living in a shed in the backyard were used to talk to. Someone needs to do the history of this house whose owners owned the small gas station across from us. I will be sending our family photos to the Oakland Library.


Mark, John, and Christine went to McCheznie Junior High six block up the street on 13th.


Going up Park Boulevard you arrive at the Glenview shopping area. We used to get food on credit at the Savemore Market. The hungry Presco children were sent there to get hamburger meat and milk after our limit was reached. This is why Christine overloaded her refrigerator after she became rich and famous.

janke71 janke72 janke73 janke77janke75

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