Art Smashing Killers

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Yesterday was the birthday of my late sister, the world famous artist, Christine Rosamond Benton. I did not speak to any member of my family who chose to back outsiders who destroyed the creative legacy Christine and I established. My ex-daughter shoved drunks and thugs in my face, boastful brutes who hate art, and hate me. While I am communicating with brave Kurdish women about the women warriors of Kobane, my brother remains in hiding, he angry I did not like his misogynist and racist essays that had failed to label Islamic terrorists “parasites”. For fifty-five years I made the top of his list of worthless people.

Last night on Facebook I read my first death threat from a Muslim in Austrailia, he promising to kill this girl’s family. I told him I have launched a Anti-Slavery Movement that will demand Muslims in western nations to sign the Iron Clad Oath that my kindred, John Fremont indorsed – or be deported! I told this terrorist;

“Alas, someone has got around your anti-Muslim, anti-religious sanctuary that has protected you from the wrath of your host nations! You can not live in any democracy if you believe in, and back slavery! The Union killed 280,000 Confederate slave backers.”

ISIS is smashing and looting priceless artifacts that constitute the culture of our most ancient civilizations. They hate art, just like those drunken Bubba Redneck racecar drivers and their fans. However, if they can get money from art into their pockets, they will use the profits to further their murderous and destructive need to destroy anything that is refined and beautiful.

I established Royal Rosamond Press as a newspaper for the promotion and the protection of the Arts. Friends and family like have labeled me insane when I filled my blogs with warning that religious fanaticism will destroy the world. You can read these warnings for yourself, that are delivered by a prophet, a Seer, which made those close to me ridicule me, and isolate me even more in their need to be right and make money from the art of my late sister! Not one of them are artists, poets, or authors. Before our eyes, here comes the War against Art! Who saw it coming – THE MONSTERS who rape little girls and sell children into slavery!

Then, there is the incredible history that came together when Christine married Garth Benton. This history was utterly ignored in two lying biographies that ghost writers stole. I am giving this history to the Kurdish People so they can use it to build a Nation. I have many new Kurdish friends on Facebook who love my posts, especially my coalition flag that I did from a vision I had about forty days ago.

Below are the bombs of an American jet landing on Tel Shahir Mountain that according to a new friend, means “famous hill”. What it was famous for, is yet to be discovered. We know what it is famous for, today. Since my sister died in 1994, very few took my side against the destroyers of art. Today, I have a thousand allies.

Come to Rose Mountain!

Jon Presco


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A Pattern of Looting

“Both al Qaeda and the Taliban looted antiquities for the purpose of funding their operations,” he notes, and ISIS—an al Qaeda splinter group—is likely using the same funding model, particularly as cash flow from other sources dries up. “The U.S. is freezing bank accounts and cracking down on false charities,” Livoti adds, “so ISIS has to go to alternative methods of financing.”

Since the beginning of the Syrian civil war, looters have pillaged many of its important archaeological sites for marketable artifacts. For example, Google Earth images of the ancient city of Apamea—founded by one of Alexander the Great’s generals and nominated in 1999 as a UNESCO World Heritage site—clearly reveal the massive destruction that followed the onset of the war. In less than nine months, from July 20, 2011, to April 4, 2012, the once pristine area was riddled with looters’ holes.

By late 2013, more than 90 percent of Syria’s cultural sites lay in regions of fighting and civil unrest, leaving them more open to plunder. So grave was the situation that the International Council of Museums published an Emergency Red List of Syrian Cultural Objects at Risk, putting border guards and law enforcement agencies on alert for a wide range of smuggled artifacts—from bronze swords to delicate glass bottles.

  • ISIS hates art, and is destroying ancient artifacts that can not be replaced. This is Cultural Warfare. I belong to a family that constitutes a Creative American Dynasty. What I see is the Artists of the World coming to the Levant with easels, not guns! Together with the people of the Levant, we will put our easels on all the high places and let The Destroyers know we are not done, the world is not done, creating!

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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    I didn’t talke to one member of my family on the 4th. because I was disowned by Mark Presco for not apologising to our aunt when I cussed her out for giving an interview to Tom Snyder who said members of our family looted Christine’s house after the funeral. Tom did not include the fact our ancestor, Captain Samuel Rosamond, fought for the Swamp Fox who is the role model for the movie ‘The Patriot’. Tom and Mark destroyed our family and our family history. Mark insisted I sign that Exclusive Rights contract that Tom Snyder sent me that would forbid me to finish my autobiography about the family artists I began in 1992, two years before Rosamond drowned. Why was Mark allowed to read Snyder’s rough draft? Vicki read Julie Lynch’s rough draft. I asked Mark why he didn’t object to Snyder saying Vicki tried to “staunch the flow” after the funeral, where unnamed family members looted Christine’s house? He knew this did not happen because he came from his hotel room to check on us now and then, to see how things were going. Beside, our ex-brother-in-law had his spy there whom I caught eavesdropping.
    “Garth wanted him here to keep us from stealing!” says Lil Vicki, Victor’s favorite child.

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