The Keepers and Destroyers of History

CBS News sis a report on ISIS selling the art they looted to wealthy buyers for their private collections used to impress their rich friends. They know these artifacts are coming from ISIS, and their money will be used to behead and rape unarmed human beings.

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Yesterday I took a leisurely bicycle ride through the historic Washburne neighborhood with my kindred, Michael Dundon. Since he moved from Hawaii to Oregon in March, Michael and I have been refreshing our long history as friends and kindred. We share the same nephew, Shamus Dundon, the son of Vicki Presco and James Dundon, Michael’s older brother. Shamus is the cousin of Shannon and Drew Benton, as well as Jamie, Jeremy, Jenifer, and Michael Lewis Dundon, Michael’s four children. Michael has around ten grandchildren. Diane Frye married Michael around 1972.

Tonight I will be having dinner at Jennifer’s home. I will be gifting her second born son with some empty canvases, artist brushes and colors. Wylie is a gifted artist and I want to be his mentor.

Yesterday, Michael told me he went to the same High School Christine and I attended when we moved to West Los Angeles. Around…

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