Rena and Megan Fox

reena3 reena4 reena5 reena6 reena7 reena8 reena9kobann8 kob24 renaa6And, now a brief interruption for our sponsor.

I just watched the movie ‘Transformers’ for the first time. I came in on th scene where Megan Fox gets in the Camero, then, opens the hood. We are treated to the greatest abdomen shot in film history. This is how Rena dressed. For fifty days it was like being in a movie, there one sexy shot after another. I fell asleep with my hand on Rena’s abdomen. When I visited her in Nebraska, at the movies she took my hand I placed it under her cape’

“Feel my stomach. I’m getting fat.” She lied.

I was hoping she would be by my side, at the end of my life, fighting the real bad guys. But, the young Masked Rose of Paris, and I are battling ISIS on the internet, surrounded by our beautiful Kurdish friends. On FB she told me I made her laugh aloud, as we fired away, taking no prisoners, we the Go-bots of the computer born Armageddon. And, there is Megan in the background, looking like Jesus.

I will never grow up. I have known very startling beautiful young women. I will kill any ISIS MF who gets near them! I’m hard-wired this way!

Yeeehaw! I just learned we have delivered arms, food, and medicine to the brave women fighters of Kobane. We have come a long way since I wondered if my ex-wife’s artwork was going to start the war of Armageddon.



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The U.S. military says its cargo planes have delivered weapons, ammunition and medical supplies from Kurdish authorities in Iraq to Kurds battling Islamic State militants in northern Syria.

A U.S. Central Command statement said the airdrops late Sunday in the Kobani area are meant to resupply the Kurds so they can continue holding off the Islamic State group’s attempt to overrun the city. The battle for the area just across the border from Turkey has been going on for weeks.

Earlier Sunday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said his country would not arm the Kurdish fighters, calling them “equal” to the Kurdistan Workers Party that both Turkey and the U.S. consider a terrorist group.

Erdogan said “it would be very, very wrong to expect” the Turkish government “to openly say ‘yes’ to our NATO ally America giving this kind of support. To expect something like this from us is impossible.”

He made the comment days after the United States said it held its first direct talks with the Syrian Kurdish political party the Kurdish Democratic Union Party, which is tied to the Kurdish fighters in Kobani.

A State Department spokesperson stressed that one meeting does not represent coordination in the fight against the Islamic State group.

Senior officials told reporters that President Barack Obama notified Erdogan during a conversation Saturday that the military would carry out the airdrops.

The officials said the United States understands Turkey’s “long-standing concerns,” but that both countries are facing a common enemy.

They also highlighted a surge of resources the Islamic State group has sent toward Kobani in the past few weeks, saying that has provided an opportunity for U.S. military operations to target the group’s “finite resources.” The officials described the people of Kobani as being at risk of massacre, and said delivering supplies was not only a humanitarian mission but also a way to strike a blow against the militants.

When 19-year-old Dilar and her girlfriends learned last spring that a woman who taught at a local school had died fighting Islamic State, they made a pact: They would join an all-female Syrian Kurdish brigade named in the teacher’s honor.

Her unit, the Martyr Warsin Brigade, saw action this summer in a tough battle against the extremist fighters for Ras al-Ayn, a town along the Turkish border. Dilar came away without injury and returned home to a hero’s welcome.

Now, during her downtime, she and her female comrades stride with a swagger through their villages east of the embattled city of Kobani.

“When I walk with my gun, the men who haven’t volunteered keep their eyes down around me,” said Dilar, who didn’t want to give her family name. “My bravery shames them.”

Caskets holding the bodies of four female Kurdish fighters are carried from a hospital in Suruc, Turkey, to a cemetery near the border with Syria. ENLARGE
Caskets holding the bodies of four female Kurdish fighters are carried from a hospital in Suruc, Turkey, to a cemetery near the border with Syria. Andrew Quilty for The Wall Street Journal

As debate flares in Washington and other capitals about whether the battle against Islamic State can succeed without more boots—even U.S. ones—on the ground, Kurdish women have stepped up to defend their lands in Syria and Iraq. An estimated one-third of the Syrian Kurdish fighters in Kobani are women, fighters and residents say, a figure that mirrors their role in other significant battles across Kurdish territories this year.

The monthlong battle over the city on the Turkish border is straining Islamic State, Kurdish politicians and U.S. officials say, and hampering its overall expansion strategy.

The overriding motivation that Kurds give for fighting the insurgents is to save their ancestral homeland from destruction. Yet many women combatants also cite a more personal crusade. Across the territory in Syria and Iraq that it now controls, Islamic State has reinstituted slavery, prohibited women from working and threatened to kill those Muslims, including Kurds, who don’t adhere to their ideology.

“Islamic State are terrorists, inhuman,” said a 28-year-old female commander of both men and women in Kobani who uses the nom-de-guerre Afsin Kobane.

Ms. Kobane was a kindergarten teacher when she decided last year to join the female unit of the Syrian Kurdish resistance force, known as YPJ. Speaking by telephone from her post in the besieged city on the Turkish border, she said her mixed-gender unit had been fighting for more than a month and was holding a position only a half-mile from Islamic State fighters.

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