Where Is the Air-support of Kobane?

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Why aren’t Alliance jets bombing the crap out of the Child Abusers that surround Kobane? There they are – IN THE OPEN – going after more children. We Americans watch these beheadings and then we are told we can’t do anything because ISIS has gone into hiding in the cities. BULLSHIT!

This looks like Selective Protection. Who are we – the Mafia? There better not be politics at work here! Our President says our mission is to contain and destroy ISIS. It looks like ISIS is containing the Kurds – and is poised to destroy them!

The U.S. Military better not be playing right-wing games like they have in all our wars! Kurdish women fighters have no problem identifying THE ENEMY – and shooting to kill!

If Kobane falls, this old Hippie will be marching in the streets because our military is playing chicken-shit games again! When was the last time WE won a war? The right-wingers sent forces into the streets to pound on the Hippies – and they still haven’t beat us down! We are seniors, and Fox News is making up tons of lies about us while collectively shaming women for votes! Obama puts together an amazing coalition, and the nits on Fox were making digs about his alleged alliance with Bill Ayers!

Our Commander in Chief has got to go into their War Room, take them by the scruff of their neck, and rub their noses in their War Map!

“There’s the friggen enemy!”

Jon Presco


MURSITPINAR, Turkey — As each shell fired into Kobane by the Islamic State boomed across the countryside Friday, the journalists positioned on a Turkish ridge nearby rushed to train their cameras on the puffs of smoke rising from the Kurdish town just across the border in Syria.

Turkish soldiers swung their heads to look. And the last residents fleeing what appeared to be the final assault on the town turned back to see what had been hit, and whether it might have been one of their homes.

The Islamic State advance on the obscure Kurdish town of Kobane has been watched by Turkish troops, monitored by spectators and broadcast live across the world by news channels since the militants launched their offensive two weeks ago. The town is so close to Turkey that the minarets of its mosques can clearly be seen from the Turkish side of the border, as can some of the movements of the approaching Islamic State fighters.

But in stark contrast to the response to the onslaught against Iraq’s minority Yazidis and Kurds in August, there has been no serious international effort to halt this Islamic State offensive against Kurds in Syria — neither from the Turkish forces deployed in strength around the area nor the U.S. warplanes now flying at will around northern Syria and regularly dropping bombs on Islamic State positions elsewhere.

For the Kurds of Kobane who have now mostly fled into Turkey, the big question is why the United States has not acted to save their town.

U.S. warplanes have struck in the vicinity of Kobane on up to four occasions since the offensive began — compared with more than 90 strikes carried out around Iraqi Kurdistan in the two weeks after President Obama ordered the U.S. military back into action in Iraq in June. The most recent U.S. attack was reported by Kurdish activists Friday night and could not be independently confirmed.

“If the Americans wanted to, they could finish Daash in one day,” said Hamida Mohammed, 30, using the Arabic acronym for the Islamic State. She was among the last trickle of refugees to flee the abandoned town as the Islamic State began its onslaught Friday.

U.S. officials have struggled to answer the question. Kurdish activists on Twitter have widely disseminated CNN footage of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel’s stumbling response to a question about the inaction of U.S. forces, in which he said the United States is talking to its “coalition partners” about ways to address Kobane.

“It’s not a matter of us not being aware of it nor not actively looking at the options we have to deal with it,” he said.

The real reason appears to be that the main focus of the U.S.-led air war remains on Iraq, with any strikes conducted in Syria intended primarily to degrade the Islamic State’s capacity to operate there, according to Andrew Tabler of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

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