The Baptist’s Church in Ephesus

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John The Baptist PaintingPaul encounters disciples, or, teachers of John the Baptist’s church in Ephesus that I suspect are ministering to the remnants of the ten tribes who left when David slaughtered the Benjaminites and the Priests of Shiloh, then, with the help of his Philistine kindred (he had to have married a Philistine) he put a crown – a foreign thing – on his head. The problem with this, is, that David was a fictional person created much later by a king of Judah who put a crown on his head. David was created in order to do ‘The Dirty and Bloody Work’ of cutting other folks out of ‘The Word of God’ the religious history of the Jews. This king may have driven out the Ten tribes, or, sold them into slavery. He invited a foreign army to come in and take them away. Consider the story of Joseph.

Paul, who…

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