Noah’s Ark On Sinjar





Today I heard Mount Sinjar is the resting place of Noah’s Ark.

Come to Rose Mountain!

Jon the Prophet

Since the 12th century,[6] the area around the mountains have been mainly inhabited by Yazidis[7] who venerate them and consider the highest to be the place where Noah’s Ark settled after the biblical flood

What are the odds that out of all the mountains on the earth that the central hot spot in the middle east just happens to be located in the general vacinity of the final resting spot of Noah’s Ark on Mount Sinjar? I though it was recorded in the bible as being on Mount Ararat?
Well –actually not Mount Arart singlly speaking–since the bible says the Mountains –plural –of Ararat! That means one among a whole range of mountains!!

The local tradition of those religious folks who are trapped on top of Mount Sinjar in Iraq or next to the border of Turkey–is that they believe that this mountain is the original resting place of Noah’s Ark!!

We know that tradition sometimes has a central truth to back up its original history!! We know these folks lived in this region for many centuries and even back to the time after the flood–so it is no stretch of the imagination to except the fact that if the Ark of Noah hand setted in that area after the flood waters recided then those in the surrounding area would naturally pass down this information to future generations!!

I was looking at the rock formations that were taken by Ron Wyatt of Tenessee who had originally discovered the Ark of Noah in Turkey –not sure of the exact location–and it appears that the land structure is similar to that of Mount Sinjar–decide for yourself–even to the smallest detail!!

I would be interested to know the exact location of the Ron Wyatt discovery made in Turkey where the Mountain or land formation was turned into a tourist attraction-or national wonder!

Maybe someone could find a prophetic reason why this area of Noah’s Ark is now the center of news coverage as it has become an ARK of Safety to the people and Christians of Iraq seeking refuge from the evil Isis Army!!

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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    Thee are many ancient Christians sects in Syria that the Kurds were protecting from ISIS who were beheading them. Frankli Graham is converned for their safety – after Trump unleashed hell upon the Kurds.

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