The Star Prophecy

“A recent ABC News article May 19, 2004 noted that according to the
Armenian and Italian researchers the “Symbol on his crown that
features a star with a curved tail may represent the passage of
Halley’s comet in 87 BC. Tigranes’ could have seen Halley’s comet
when it passed closest to the Sun on Aug. 6 in 87 BC according to the
researchers, who said the comet would have been a ‘most recordable
event’ — heralding the New Era of the brilliant King of·et
(kŏm’ĭt) n. “

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crown26It has been alleged that the Long-haired Kings of France were “Nazorites” who let their hair grow long like Sampson did. I suspect the Merovingian lineage came from Galatia. I suspect the Galatians joined Shimon bar Kochba’s Abolitionist Revolution against the Slave Owners of Rome. I believe ‘The Son of the Star’ bid all his followers to take the Vow of the Nazarite so they could be as strong as Sampson. Simon bid his Nazarite Warriors to uproot a tree to demonstrate their strength. I believe I am the embodiment of a Zorastrian Magi, and a King of the Parthians. I studied Astrology in Egypt where Jesus was taken as an infant so he could study the stars, and be a Son of a Star. This study began when he and his mother stood in the shadow of a great Obelisk.

I am JOHN. I am ION. I have come…

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