Crossing Paths With Death Beats

I saw my second lover crucified, her arms outstretched holding onto the door jam as her father gave her violent tugs. Streams of blood flowed from her black hair as she looked at me. She wanted me to run away, she convinced her father would kill me like he did her first love a Beat named, Sky, who looked just like Jesus. The detectives did not pursue this murder case because they knew who did it.

Rosamond Press



beats4I’m going to have to transfer my feelings for the my Muse Rena back to my Muse Melinda, whose mother also inspired Christine to take up art.

Above are the famous Venice Beats that Melinda hung around with when she was sixteen. The Venice pier where Rena and I “crossed paths” is about a hundred yards away.

When I started dating Melinda Frank, my good friend, Bryan McLean did not approve.

“She’s a black widow. Because of her, my friend Sky is dead.”

Melinda had become close with my sister Christine. She was written up in TIME magazine for speaking sentences when she was six months old. She wrote profound poetry, she influenced by her twenty-four year old lover, Sky, who hung around the Beat Poets of Venice.

“What was
can never be
brought back

Soon after my family moved to West Los Angeles, I am exploring…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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