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Yesterday, the Supreme Court did a batch of peyote and took our democracy on a vision quest. They declared a company has a mortal soul and thus a right to protect it’s religious freedoms. Artists make logos for companies and help brand them. I pointed this out with Target, a logo that Jaspar John’s made famous that is a new age cross. In HOBBY LOBBY I see HOLY LOBBY.

“The case that led to the 1993 act was a 1990 decision by the Supreme Court that upheld Oregon’s denial of unemployment claims by two men who were fired by the Native American Church for ingesting peyote. In ruling against the men, the high court tossed out previously used balancing test in First Amendment cases involving the free exercise of religion. The 1993 was overwhelmingly bipartisan.”

On December 29, 2013, I posted this on the Facebook of Charles J. Shield who wrote ‘And so it goes’ the biography of Kurk Vonnegut, my idol. I suggested Lucia Joyce take peyote with Antonin Artaud and go on a vision quest. Lucia is transported in time and finds herself dancing at the Fillmore to the Grateful Dead – who we see in Mary Ann’s art?

“If Lucia had her way, she would go with a Dance Drama, a tale of how a classic Anglo-Saxon novel is assimilated into the Hippie Dance Music Culture. The Grateful Dead will do Finnagan’s Wake, and, here come the Lucettes! Turn down volume on India dance and leave Love song.”

For four days I debated about doing a review of Mary Ann Tharaldsen’s Art Movie, but, I was being driven. I kept going into a creative trance. I am a Seer who did not want to interfere with a fellow artist’s vision. Let my ex do her thing. Don’t glom on to her history. Let her go her own way. But, then I awoke and beheld the fresh pine wood I have leaning against my wall that appears in several of my videos. In several of these videos I discuss Charles Shields and his biography of Kurt Vonnegut ‘And So It Goes’.

I became a FB friend of Charles when I saw he was a FB friend of Mary Ann. I assumed Charles read the article Boris Kachka wrote in the New York magazine. When Charles asked who was going to author Lucia Joyce’s biography, I suggested I would, with the help of the spirit of Antonin who came to America in the 50’s and took part in the Peyote rituals. I got ridiculed, was labeled mad, and Charles unfriended me when I proved this was not a fantastic idea.

Two hours after I posted part one of my review I am watching the wicked news about the Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby, the Justices using the Religious Freedom Restoration Act that was passed in order to protect the right of Native Americans to use peyote in their religious rituals.

In Mary Ann’s Art Restoration Movie she suggests she rendered her apocalyptic vision while on drugs. M told me she experimented with LSD. Perhaps she told me she did peyote. But, what pisses me off, is there is SHAME here, she apologizing for doing such a thing because she has been shamed, even punished for her far-out choices that the Religious-right has glommed on to, they using peyote as their legal inroad to make a law that has the Women’s Movement going to the wall over. There is going to be a huge battle over this ruling. There will be millions of hours of legal and moral discussions. So far we have not heard from the Native Americans who are being used an abused, their religious beliefs passed over once more in order for the Christian need to GET OBAMA and his healthcare, and destroy it.

In the Child Custody battle that my ex and I suffered in, and in the divorce and probate of my late sister, the world-famous artist, Rosamond, many lawyers and judges were employed. Not once did any of the Men and Women of Law view the act of making art as a religion. The Hobby Lobby sells art supplies.

In my family tree and history, we have artists marrying artists in Holy Matrimony. This is rare, and historic. Christine and Garth, and Mary Ann and Jon, constitute a union of Artists. Our marriages are worthy of a complete investigation and report – for the sake of Art History, and Legal History.

Attorneys made our lives a living hell – and they walked away with a small fortune! All the Chief Justices began their careers as attorneys. How they got involved in Religion Making is based upon the ingestion of peyote. Out there! The spirit of Artaud is alive a well, and heading for Bozeman Montana – as I predicted.

Artists as a group are at the bottom of the list in regards to folks who seek legal help. We have no lobby or church. I am going to try and change that. As an Artistic theologian, and Nazarite Judge, I am going to the Supreme Court and Congress to get a law passed that declares every creative act, a religious act. I will also offer my expertise to all women’s activists who want this court ruling overturned.

Saint Paul, the true father of Christianity highly suggested the first Christians NOT MARRY because the world was coming to an end in the Second Coming, thus, there is nothing sacred or holy in men and women engaging in sexual intercourse, which Christians claim, and is the reason they are against Birth Control that does not kill any fetus, but only prevents pregnancy. Jesus has been a NO-SHOW on several occasions.

Jon Presco

The full title of Vonneguts most famous novel is ‘Slaughterhouse-Five, or The Children’s Crusade: A Duty-Dance with Death’. I then introduce then idea Antonin Artaud would befriend Lucia, take peyote, and do a peyote dance together. Here is the apex of the Cruel and Absurd Theatre.

“In this small book, based on a journey in the mountains of Mexico to an inaccessible tribe who “”live as if they were already dead,”” and through the peyote rite they practiced, Artaud found many of the transcendent concepts he had earlier articulated–the Great Ancient Myths he here relates to Plato, the “”no God”” but Male and Female principles in Nature (which he certainly, castrated man that he was, never found in life), even if later at the end of his peyote transfiguration there will be mention of both the doctrine of Grace and Jesus-Christ-Peyote.”

“The justices ruled on the Affordable Care Act’s contraception mandate, which requires employer-based health insurance policies to provide contraception to covered employees. Several corporations challenged the law, insisting that the mandate unlawfully infringes on their owners’ religious rights. In a 5 to 4 ruling, the court agreed with the corporations, which included Hobby Lobby, a large arts and crafts chain, and Conestoga Wood Specialties, a cabinetmaker.”

Obamacare Contraceptive Rule To Be Decided On By Supreme Court



Rena Victoria’s return in a more fleshy form (ink and paper) is equivalent to Eve returning to Adam in Paradise. A New Genesis is under way, as I own four pages of divine suggestions worthy of the Sistine chapel, such as this one;

“I see you are quite left-leaning. Please do not, in your urban world, be too hard on cattle producers and red-neck women. We are human too!”
Perhaps this is not a commandment from the omnipotent pedagogy, but, it is a wished for course correction that points the prow of my ship towards a more feminine, thus peaceful star. If I don’t want the source of my inspiration flow, to be cut-off, I will do my best to write the most profound apology in the history of the English language. James Joyce, move over.

For a warm up I am going to author a short story about two French lunatics who escape from the booby hatch and hop a steamer to America in 1872. Going West, they buy a cattle ranch in Montana, and are pleased that they fit right in. Here, scary psychotic folks carrying a big gun are held in high esteem. In no time Vince and Art have acquired a reputation.

“Don’t get in these guys way, because they are bad-ass hombres – even though they’re from France.”

Just put a cowboy hat on Gough and Artaud, and we got one hell of a psychological western thriller that tells the world Artists and Mad Men – are human beings too!

Do you think there is a Cultural Shootout coming, between me and my Muse, at the ‘I’m O.K. You’re O.K. Coral’? I think this is exciting as all hell!

Jon Presco

A few days before the opening of a van Gogh exhibition in Paris in 1947, gallery owner Pierre Loeb suggested that Antonin Artaud (1896-1948) write about the painter. Challenging the thesis of alienation, Artaud was determined to show how van Gogh’s exceptional lucidity made lesser minds uncomfortable.

Wishing to prevent him from uttering certain “intolerable truths”, those who were disturbed by his painting drove him to suicide.

‘Capturing Beauty’ is about the choices we make. Christine and I chose to get sober and follow the principles and steps of Alcoholic Anonymous. In 1987, while attending the New Hope Program at Serenity Lane, I came upon the complete works Antonin Artaud. I carried this book to meetings. Some brothers questioned my choice of reading material. I told them it reminds me of the second step, and my long journey to be clear and sober in regards to my creativity.

Step 2 Came to believe a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

In the long First Step I did in New Hope, I talked about my use of LSD in the sixties. The two councilors interrupted this important reading in order “to get control of the group back”. I went to the head of Serenity Lane, Hillary Larson, who began to see me one on one. Hillary was a writer and after reading my first step, she called the two councilors in and bid them to apologise to me. They knew nothing about the complex struggle of a human being who came to own extraordinary gifts that have him, or her, in its grip, and like a higher power, has taken complete control of your life.

I told Hillary of my dilemma, being how could I give up my gifted life, even though it may be what I have to do – to save my life. I surmised any attempt to do so would be met with failure. I had read Malcome Lowerys ‘Under Volcano’ and made this my goal;
“I refuse to be a creative being who self-distructs!”
Artaud became my Sober Guide, even my Muse of Recovery. His ‘Van Gough – The Man Suicided by Society’ became my anthem. There was nothing in the Big Book that came to the defense of a Artist in dire peril. I would attend Art’s Anonymous and Adult Children of Alcoholics meetings and bring my sister Christine with me – in spirit! Our abuse of drugs and alcohol had driven a wedge between us. As children we made up our own language. James and Lucia Joyce did the same, and thus Lucia is seen as her father’s Muse.
The suggestion James wrote Finnigans Wake for his daughter, is unbelievable to those who are not writers and artists in touch with their Muse. In CB I will reveal why Rosamond rendered her infamous beautiful women, for me, for my approval. Christine gave me full credit for her success;
“You let me look over your shoulder while you painted. You took time to show me books and explain what constituted good and bad art.”
When I suggested to Charles Shields on his facebook that the story of Lucia Joyce and Samuel Becket be associated with Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (LSD) the chortling began. When I introduced Artaud to Lucy, you could hear a cyber-pin drop. No one had done this, saw this coming. Both of these creative beings ended up in mental wards, alone and forsaken. These two souls, driven by their Muse (Music Museum) had contributed greatly to the foundation of Modern Dance and Modern Theatre. And then there is Finnigan’s Wake’ considered the greatest novel in the English Language – and very few people can read it! It reads like an Acid Trip. Surely it was written by someone locked in an asylum.
To put Christine, Rena, and myself in the same leagues as Artaud, Becket, and the Joyce’s may be a stretch of the imagination, but the Struggle remains the same. I will explain how we three changed the look of Art in a social setting that permeates several modern lifestyles, including the internet. Rosamond was famous for her Beautiful Faces that were like mirrors hung on the wall.
“Mirror, mirror, on the wall…….who’s the fairest one of all?”
To read Jame Joyce’s rosy poem to his daughter, put me in a trance, as I have followed the theme of The Rose in this blog. On the envelope of Rena’s letter, she writes my full name, and under it she wrote;
In the upper left is the town she lives near…BOZEMAN. Take away the bottom of the B and you get a R.
Rena reveals in written word that she and her brother were battered children, and her abusive father died of alcoholism. Rena informs me her brother was showing signs of mental illness. Rena’s brother disappeared in 1987 the year I got sober and saved my life. My being was hanging by a thread about the break, and drop me into the void. Instead, the world will get to read how three very beautiful children overcame their extremely violent upbringing to become creative souls, verses Serial Killers. We did much more than survive the Theatre of Cruelty.
“I still struggle with the severe psychological consequences of repeated episodes of violence and emotional cruelty from my childhood.”
To behold this beautiful woman, one wonders how anyone could be cruel to her. It is this extreme cruelty of a beast that has captured this beauty who has found a tower on a hill to dwell in, in almost total isolation. Rena is married, and lives a very humble life. Her humility is a beacon on a hill. I will reveal what does for a living in my book. It’s almost shocking. But, what truly blows my mind, is what she does while she works.
“I have a million poems memorized. I can always gauge my highs and lows by my focus, and my desire and ability to recite them while I am _______ at work.”
Here arise the opportunity for Rena and I to tell our story, that can be told in the same book that is about bonds with angels, and Phoenix Birds rising above the ashes of total despair. From whom, from what, did we get our permission? One can say it was our glimpses of a beautiful sanity that drove us mad, and our madness drove us to do amazing things just to behold that sanity again.
I own twenty seven years of sobriety, and all day yesterday I entertained a vision. In a little while I will board a train for Rozeman. I will check into a hotel and prepare for the performance of my life. I will take a seat, front row center, and a curtain will rise…..and there she be, after forty five years, my beautiful Muse, dancing the Bolero for me.
“Here I am!”
The Phantom of the Opera is my favorite movie. The Angel-Muse of Music was subjected to emotional and physical cruelty that as a Phoenix Bird he attempts to rise above. When I saw this movie, I wondered what was in a name Christine and Christensen. I inspired two women with Christ in their name, and they rendered images of beautiful women reciting poetry, and giving unto the world……….a rose!
Jon Gregory Presco
Copyright 2014

When I received a letter from my muse, I was in big-idea-war with the author Charles L. Shields who un-friended me on facebook. Charles wrote ‘And So It Goes’ the biography of Kurt Vonnegut, my only hero. Charle’s friend, Boris Kachka, wrote an article for the New York Magazine about my ex-wife who was married to the author Thomas Pynchon. Mary Ann Tharaldsen was the sister-in-law of Christine Rosamond Benton, whose muse was my muse. To realize my muse, Rena Easton, became jealous of me moments after she first lay eyes on me, and may have helped Christine become a world famous artist in my place, is right out of a Vonnegut novel. If Kurt was alive he would be reading this blog.
Here is a article that Boris wrote about Oscar bloggers:
Not able to contain myself after Rena challenged me to treat “Red-necks” like human beings, I put Antonin Artaud and Vincent Van Gough on a noon train to Bozeman where they are going to attend a Arts Festival at the Emerson Center for the Arts & Culture. This is right out of ‘Breakfast of Champions’ one of my favorite books because it comes close to describing my late sister’s success which high water mark came with the revelation I and my mommy oppressed the budding career of ‘The Rose of the World’ after catching her drawing in a closet when she was four years old. The famous producer, Ronald Schwary, purchased an option to produce a lousy biography of Rosamond that will be hawked at the Emerson Center.
The Spirit of Kurt begs me to pick up the long stilled pen of Kilgore Trout, and reveal the truth that Elias Rosewater is the only proven member of the Priory de Sion, thanks to Robert Grave’s ‘The White Goddess’.
One of the characters in Breakfast of Champions is a gay piano player named ‘Bunny’. Could this be my kindred, Bunny Breckenridge?
Yesterday they apprehended an escaped rapist from Bozeman Montana here in Eugene. This rapist will once again escape and head back to Bozeman so he can attend the Art & Culture Festival. Briggs is a film buff.
It is rumored that Thomas Pynchon might attend the festival, in disguise. After all, he is in Mr. Rosewater’s family tree.
Elias Rosewater
President: Rosewater Foundation
Kilgore Trout is a widely published, but otherwise unsung and virtually invisible writer who, by a fluke, is invited to deliver a keynote address at a local arts festival in distant Midland City. Dwayne Hoover is a wealthy businessman who owns much of Midland City, but is mentally unstable and is undergoing a gradual mental collapse. Kilgore arrives in Midland City and, by happenstance, piques the interest of Dwayne. A confused Dwayne demands a message from Kilgore, who hands over a copy of his novel. Dwayne reads the novel, which purports to be a message from the Creator of the Universe explaining that the reader – in this case Dwayne – is the only individual in the universe with free will. Everyone else is a robot. Dwayne believes the novel to be factual and immediately goes on a violent rampage, severely beating his son, his lover, and nine other people before being taken into custody. While Kilgore is walking the streets of Midland after Dwayne’s rampage the narrator of the book approaches Kilgore. The narrator tells Kilgore of his existence, and lets Kilgore be free and under his own will.

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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    Gaza (CNN) — Three weeks into the Gaza conflict, fighting is intensifying, the death toll is climbing and Israel has warned its citizens to be ready for a prolonged battle.
    Efforts to bring about a lasting cease-fire between Israel and Hamas have failed to gain traction, despite calls from world leaders.
    Israeli airstrikes and artillery rained down on Gaza early Tuesday as the Palestinian death toll rose above 1,100, according to health authorities.
    The Israeli military reported that 10 of its soldiers were killed Monday, five of them in an attack in which militants used a tunnel to get into Israeli territory.

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