Mary Ann’s Peyote Dance

I have seen the future. “In Mary Ann’s Art Restoration Movie she suggests she rendered her apocalyptic vision while on drugs. M told me she experimented with LSD. Perhaps she told me she did peyote. But, what pisses me off, is there is SHAME here, she apologizing for doing such a thing because she has been shamed, even punished for her far-out choices that the Religious-right has glommed on to, they using peyote as their legal inroad to make a law that has the Women’s Movement going to the wall over. There is going to be a huge battle over this ruling. There will be millions of hours of legal and moral discussions. So far we have not heard from the Native Americans who are being used an abused, their religious beliefs passed over once more in order for the Christian need to GET OBAMA and his healthcare, and destroy it.”

Gaza (CNN) — Three weeks into the Gaza conflict, fighting is intensifying, the death toll is climbing and Israel has warned its citizens to be ready for a prolonged battle.
Efforts to bring about a lasting cease-fire between Israel and Hamas have failed to gain traction, despite calls from world leaders.
Israeli airstrikes and artillery rained down on Gaza early Tuesday as the Palestinian death toll rose above 1,100, according to health authorities.
The Israeli military reported that 10 of its soldiers were killed Monday, five of them in an attack in which militants used a tunnel to get into Israeli territory.

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Yesterday, the Supreme Court did a batch of peyote and took our democracy on a vision quest. They declared a company has a mortal soul and thus a right to protect it’s religious freedoms. Artists make logos for companies and help brand them. I pointed this out with Target, a logo that Jaspar John’s made famous that is a new age cross. In HOBBY LOBBY I see HOLY LOBBY.

“The case that led to the 1993 act was a 1990 decision by the Supreme Court that upheld Oregon’s denial of unemployment claims by two men who were fired by the Native American Church for ingesting peyote. In ruling against the men, the high court tossed out previously used balancing test in First Amendment cases involving the free exercise of religion. The 1993 was overwhelmingly bipartisan.”

On December 29, 2013, I posted this on the Facebook of Charles J. Shield who…

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