Leif Ericson & The Frisian Atlantis

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wienekefamilycrest12Greg 1979 & Wife at their Wedding

Rosamonds 1912 Mary nee Wieneke 2

Yesterday I noticed how my former wife, Mary Ann Tharaldsen, looks like my grandmother, Mary Magdalene Rosamond, whose maiden name is Wieneke. Above is the Wieneke cote of arms showing bunch of grapes coming across a body of water. I have seen a hand coming out of a cloud holding a bunch of grapes which migh suggest ‘Wodin-given’ of ‘God-given’. The cloud is visible at the upper-right. In the name Wieneke is wine.

Vineland is Wine-land. Because their are large waves I suspect this bunch of grapes was brought across the Atlantic. Did Monks hire the Vikings to go in search of grapes? Did they rob grape plants? Consider the Holy Grail and the Eucharist…..hand coming out of a cloud holding a cup.

According to Rosemary, the Wieneke’s owned several castles on the Hephoon Heil, a place in Germany I have yet to locate. The wine country in Germany is…

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