Christensen – Daughters of Vikings

In I8U8 there was a
rebellion in the southern provinces of Denraark–the duchies of Schlesvig-
Holstein and Lauenburg turned against the crown of Denmark, Every able-bodied
man, therefore, became liable to military service in the war in Frederica.

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RenaI found a Halfdan Christensen. I do not recall where Rena said her ancestors were from, Sweden or Denmark.


Thomas A. Christensen died February 24, 2004 in Lincoln City, Oregon.
     Thomas was born March 9, 1959 in Sidney, Nebraska to Clyde and Arlene (Vogt) Christensen. He was a 1978 graduate of Siletz High School in Siletz, Oregon. He was employed with his father as a commercial and residental painter.
     Thomas married Tina Mitchell in 1989; they divorced, and he married Lori Whitefoot in 1995, whome he also was divorced from. He served in the Navy aboard the USS Niagra Falls.
     He enjoyed walking and riding his bike in the hills along the Siletz River.
Thomas was preceded in death by his brother Jeffrey L. Christensen; sister Misty K. Christensen; aunt Sandy Vogt and his grandmothers Christensen and Vogt.
     He is survived by his parents Arlene and Clyde Christensen of…

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