Belle’s Bums vs. Artists

Liora Sponko is the Director of the Lane Arts Council. A year ago Marilyn Reed, her daughter, Nisha Calkins, and myself, attended a Landmarl presentation conducted by Liora. We had a very enlightened conversation that amazed us. We talked about our expectations in life. I considered submitting a proposal for funding. Marilyn and her Gospel choir got funding from the Lane Arts Council. Did they have discussions with Liora who is in charge of First Friday Art Walk that has been severely disrupted by members of SLEEPS? Marilyn and Kathy Vrzak sent me a rude message that declares they do not want to get involved with the SLEEPS anarchists that threatened to destroy my reputation. I am convinced the stance I made against them, led to their fall from grace. They wanted Ken Kesey Square – whatever it takes! If they succeeded, I believe there would be no Art Walk.

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What Alley Valkyrie fails to address is the conflict the homeless have with the Downtown Arts, and Patrons for the Arts. Thousands of citizens have come downtown to enjoy First Friday Art Walk, only to be accosted by aggressive BUMS – Bloviating Uneducated Miscreants

Bloviate: to speak or write verbosely and windily

Uneducated: not having been educated to a good standard:

Miscreant: a person who behaves badly or in a way that breaks the law.

Two months before Barack Obama became the President of the United States, I founded the Bohemian Bank of America. My friends had started up businesses in Eugene that were part of the service industry that employs 70% percent of Americans. These businesses were Bohemian in nature. Basing my bank on the study of Richard Florida, I promoted a trickle-up economy. What I did not count on, was the army of homeless who took over downtown…

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